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Bespoke Painting

The sacred creative experience to bring deep healing & immersive energy to you and your space

Step into a world where art and healing intertwine, where my crystal embellished oil paintings serve as gateways to a realm of possibility.


Each stroke of the brush, each glimmering crystal meticulously placed, weaves a story of empowerment and activation.


These visionary pieces are more than just art - they are a journey towards self-discovery and inner harmony.

Imagine the transformative power of hanging one of my paintings in your space. The energy - unapologetic in its ability to inspire and uplift. As you gaze upon the intricate details and vibrant colors, you can feel the healing energies radiating outwards, enveloping you in a sense of peace and inspiration.

My paintings are not just decorations, they are tools for transformation, inviting you to explore the depths of your being, to connect with your inner wisdom, and to embrace the power of energetic healing.

Each piece is a reminder that YOU have the strength and resilience to create the life you desire and craft a life you love!


Embrace the magic of these crystal embellished oil paintings and let them guide you on your journey to a more empowered and inspired self.

Much more than just a painting, it's a whole experience!
From the very beginnings of tuning in to the piece that is waiting to be birthed, to the connection and relaxation session where you have the opportunity and safe space to sink in to deep relaxation, to receiving the painting and experiencing the ongoing benefits and effects that the piece emanates within the space it is displayed.

The paintings are multi-dimensional, inclusive of:-

Imagery created on canvas, in oil paint
Colour healing & psychology
Embellished crystal energy
Infused energy healing and release
Sacred spring water or transference healing spray

Intentional and effective use of texture and mark making.

Each piece being very emotive and evocative, awakening, supporting and enhancing 
the mind, body and soul.

What happens when you commission a painting?

Every booking is inclusive of a dedicated 45 minute 1-1 Connection & Relaxation session - an online meeting via Zoom (inclusive of the price) to allow me to connect with you and intuitively receive energetic information which is key to the artwork.

During this session we will discuss your needs, current support needed and also you will be guided into a basic meditative state, for relaxation, while I connect in and do a preliminary sketch of your painting. I will also require your date, time and place of birth - this is so I can look up your natal chart to determine your colour grid, in line with my Astro Colour Theory System.

Your painting will then be created following this call over a discussed time frame.

Each piece will include colours that align with you - utilising my unique Astro Colour Theory System, including shapes and markings, colours and c

This image should give a deep sense of healing within. It will awaken messages, feelings and emotions within, maybe even some that the conscious mind cannot comprehend or translate.

The painting will be a visual representation of your discussed and channeled needs, in my style of abstract, landscape-like painting. The
paintings are very abstract in nature, to facilitate you feeling and seeing what you need to at the time of viewing and connecting. You may find what you see and feel changes over time, in line with your personal needs and circumstances.

It is recommended that you take time to meditate with the piece when first received, to welcome in any higher guidance, messages and inspiration and I would invite you to journal this. And then as and when you feel called, to do so regularly.

"For the first time in 18 months, I didn't have an anxiety attack before I went to sleep but best of all, I easily slept for the first time in ELEVEN YEARS and managed solid sleep - not 3 to 4 hours broken sleep. The reason I know it was the painting was because everything else I did yesterday, I had tried before."
Helen, Hampshire

Commission pricing starts from £650.

Pricing is subject the the level of detail, crystal inclusions, and size of the canvas.
This can be discussed during the connection call.

Most popular canvas sizes are:
8" x 20 inches
 - £650 upwards
12" x 30 inches - £950 upwards
12" x 39 inches - £1100 upwards
15" x 47 inches - £2000 upwards

Other sizes can be available on request.

Each piece is inclusive of postage within the U.K.
Postage locations outside of the U.K. will be limited but can be discussed. 

Delivery locations outside of the U.K. may incur postage fees in addition to the total cost.
Please also check your country's regulations as the paintings contain crystals and semi-precious gemstones that may be restricted by some postal services/border control.


Let's Book You In!..

Book your Connection & Relaxation Call.

You will be required to make £297 upfront payment (Regardless of painting size) to secure the connection call, however this will be deducted from the total cost of your painting. Once the booking fee is paid, a time and date will be discussed for your connection call. 

(You will be invoiced for the remainder. Please note, at least 50% of the total must be paid before any painting is started, the balance must be settled in full before the release of any artwork)


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