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Ignite your inner flame & burn the life you're tired of living, so you can reclaim the life you were destined for!

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Call me a fire starter! An initiator of Sacral flames!

Supporting women in finding their confidence is at the core of what I do, whether that be with spirituality, creativity, life coaching, or simply holding them in a loving, supportive space where they can deeply connect with other like minded women.


My promise is to gift women the "me" that I never had, the collective, welcoming space that I never had and the support that I never had, while navigating my own struggles, my own spiritual development and my self love journey.

From experience I know navigating and deepening your spirituality can be a minefield, especially when you are going it alone.

My goal is to support women in finding, embracing, trusting and loving themself through spiritual support, self development and creativity, but to also facilitate safe and nurturing spaces in which you can be heard, seen and held, beautifully as you are.



Associated with LAPPsART

Laura Renwick

Collingbourne Kingston

Wiltshire, SN8 3SD