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Creativity and spirituality intertwine within the ethos of Anuveya, forming the foundation for my bespoke artistry and mentoring services.

Each offering is elegantly woven with artistic mastery and profound spiritual essence.


"I create sacred opportunities where the essence of who you are can unfold and thrive, empowering you to craft a life that resonates deeply with your desires and aspirations."


Crystal Embellished Paintings

The Crystal Alchemy Art Collection - Hand painted at my dedicated art studio in Wiltshire, England, my abstract oil paintings are adorned and embellished with genuine crystals and gemstones.

Each piece is infused with healing energy and the highest of intention, offering not just a visual experience, but an energetic experience for mind, body and soul.

Oracle Card Design

My 'oracle doula' design service supports you in co-creating and birthing your dream deck out into the world.

Oracle, tarot, and affirmation-style deck designs available. As a reader and intuitive myself, I offer more than just design - it's a deeply holistic and interconnected experience, ensuring your deck resonates with your vision and spiritual frequency, creating a truly aligned and sacred tool.

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Woman Unleashed Retreats

Woman Unleashed retreats are designed to feel like a warm embrace from a group of best friends you’ve always longed for but never knew you had.

Take time out for you, to experience sacred sisterhood, find your inner calm, unleash your inner wild woman and leave with a sense of inspiration and restoration.

Various locations in the U.K.


The Soul Circle Membership

A online sanctuary offering self-replenishment and sacred sisterhood, crafted especially for ambitious, empathic women like you who desire moments of tranquility and solace while navigating the road of success and alignment.


Designed to fit seamlessly into any schedule, this membership supports you in taking time out and encourages you to reconnect with and enhance your inner creative, empowering you to craft a life you love.


Work With Me

I provide both online and in-person opportunities, offering one-on-one and group sessions to nurture your wellbeing, creativity, and personal growth. Rooted in my Sacred Consciousness Framework, each offering blends creativity with holistic and spiritual practices. Whether you're seeking individualised attention, community support or something more self-led, there are options to accommodate various desires, needs, and budgets.


Read The Book

'Initiation of the Flame' is not just another self-help guide; it's a deeply personal journey, inviting you to walk alongside me as I shed the skins of fear and confinement. Imagine a conversation with a close friend who has been through the fire and emerged with a newfound wisdom, ready to light your way.

"This is not “just” one woman’s story, but holds wider truths and lessons throughout, it is as much a guidebook as it is an autobiography!” - Alex Coward

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Client Testimonial

"My own personal growth has been huge since I started working with you Laura. I've learned to meditate, take time for myself and build my spiritual practice. I openly talk about my spirituality now but I used to be a closet tree hugger. I'm not afraid to show others who I am, probably a result of repeating the Inner She workshop! Working with you was the catalyst to my healing and I am now entering the second half of my century in the best shape (mentally) that I have ever been in. I will always be grateful for meeting you."

- Lou

Current Client, Soul Circle Member, Retreat Attendee and Beautiful Soul

My carefully curated Sacred Consciousness framework is interwoven into every facet of my work. Each of my offerings embodies one or more of the Sacred Consciousness pillars.

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Member of Artists' Union England


Laura Anne Renwick

Collingbourne Kingston

Wiltshire, SN8 3SD

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