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About anuveya founder laura anne renwick
holistic artist & Creative Soul Guide

"She who is birthed through fire will set the world alight!"

Laura is a creative and intuitive, whose mission is to make the world a more beautiful place, by a combination of holding safe space and facilitating opportunities for the woman within to be seen and heard so she can thrive and craft a life she loves, creating deeply healing pieces of art, and offering opportunities for women and children to feel safe and seen as they explore the world through a more creatively empowered lens. 


Offering out into the world the types of opportunities and support that she so very needed at one point of another. Understanding it can be difficult to take the first, or next step alone, and to be nurtured instead of discouraged at pivotal times in life.

Laura's story is testament to the fact that despite traumatic life experiences, physical and mental health challenges, and a variety of other challenges and knock backs,

you CAN craft a life you love, the way that YOU want to live it!


 As well as women's retreats, creative workshops and online self care spaces, Laura supports children in learning environments to access creative well-being opportunities, boosting their confidence, social skills and overall well-being, as well as supporting any SEN or emotional and social need, while exploring a variety of art and craft techniques.

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Member of Artists' Union England

From growing up a "pads brat" (army child), to experiencing childhood trauma, being in abusive and toxic relationships, living with chronic illness, social anxiety, caring for a special needs (ASD, ADHD and communication difficulty) child, and supporting another child with mental health struggles, while also navigating her own neurodivergent discovery journey, and everything in between, there has been a lot crammed into her 33+ years.

Knowing from a young age that she was different, she has overcome many obstacles, finding solace in her art and writing, and found and fallen back in love herself with spirituality and holistic wellbeing.

This is why she strives to support others, from all backgrounds and experiences, facilitating safe and welcoming spaces, to evoke sacred creative energy, lighting the way to break free from chains of confinement and self doubt, and to elevate self confidence and connection. Gifting the opportunity for women to find a safe place, to be and to connect with their Soul tribe, making unconditional connections of sacred sisterhood, and of divine union with self.

"I hold safe space and facilitate opportunities for the woman within to be seen and heard so you can thrive and craft a life YOU love!"

You can read more about Laura's story in her debut book

"Initiation of the Flame"

Available on Amazon in paperback, or on Kindle.


I have an academic background and extensive experience in art & design, including a Diploma in Art & Design, City & Guilds in both Ceramics and Illustration, plus years of self learning experience with various techniques and materials. For years I predominantly specialised in animal portraiture, and have been commissioned many times, from people all over the U.K. and overseas. 

In terms of my own artwork, I now draw my focus to a more intuitive art style, where spirituality meets creativity, including aspects such as movement, meditation, channelling, healing, and also the inclusion of crystals and precious stones, either chipped, or hand ground by myself.

I also teach adult classes and workshops (in-person and online), as well as regular art wellbeing sessions to children in primary schools.

With the addition of a dedicated art studio space in May 2023, this has only fed my creativity more.

Art Background


My conscious spiritual development began in 2009, starting with tarot card readings and mediumship, then developing further on my personal and professional journey, and adding meditation, spiritual life coaching, chakra balancing, intuitive healing, past life exploration, qualified holistic practitioner, and more to my repertoire.

The two combined, weaves a thread through the ethos of Anuveya, Creativity and Spirituality, which forms the basis for both the art and coaching work I offer.

Each offering, beautifully woven with aspects of art and sacred energy.


I am a certified Spiritual Mentor and High Priestess (Certified by The Quantum Priestess)

Certified Holistic Practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach

Registered Keeper of the Womb Rites - Able to gift the Munay-Ki 13th Womb Rite

Attuned to the 'Pink Diamond Frequency'

Creator of The Astro Colour Theory System

Level 2 qualified in 'Understanding Children & Young People's Mental Health'.

Holistic Background

Continued Develpoment

Committed to my growth in skill and experience, I am currently in training to become a certified Colour Healing Therapist, and Soul Plan Practitioner.

I am also enrolled on a year-and-a-day Shamanic Womb Healing Apprenticeship, with Sanctuary of Sophia, to be initiated as a Womb Priestess in October 2024.

I am pre-qualified in Quantum Trance Hypnosis (by Crystal).

I will also qualify in August 2024 as a Laniakea "Soulkey 1 Holder"  

I also regularly attend events and trainings to maintain and grow my personal practise and my professional development. 

About Anuveya


What's in the name?

Anuveya was formed from the fusion of two words - 'anu' and 'veya'

Anu is the name of the second of the Inner Tantras within Tantric Buddhism, or the Tantric practice of Hinduism. Anu emphasizes the completion stage of Tantra practice, where creativity, imagination and meditation are engaged. When a practitioner is involved in creating a void where this meditation practice can occur, it results in transformation of the Self. Anu practice also involves releasing or harnessing energy from the chakras to reach bliss and enlightenment. 'Anu' refers to the “individual soul”. Other translates include 'with', together'.

Veya translations include 'to be woven', 'strength', 'to gift', 'undivided', and in terms of the name meaning is 'Spiritual, Helper, Intuitive, Artistic and Caring'.

In combination as one word, Anuveya encapsulates all of the above.

Anuveya's Mission

My mission is to empower and provide opportunity for empathic, ambitious women to find or elevate their confidence and reclaim their true self, by facilitating safe and supportive opportunities to explore their creativity and spirituality, and by inspiring these women with my own story, that it is safe to follow their own path to achieve their dreams and live the life they desire.


I wish for all women to find their confidence and reclaim their true self, fully standing in their power, with the drive and determination to achieve their dreams, so they can break the chain of being silenced or disregarded, to become the change, and light the way forward for themselves and the future generations of women to come.


Anuveya's Brand Values


Creativity - Explore & implement artistry to craft a life of alignment.

Freedom & Desire - Claim the life that you want, settling is not an option!

Authenticity & Embodiment - Embrace your true self and commit to being you.

Playfulness - Because what’s life without fun?!

Worthiness - You DO matter, and so you deserve to feel valued and appreciated.

Anuveya's Vision & Promise

My vision for Anuveya is to awaken people to a more aligned way of living. Which in turn will see women believing in themselves, and feeling confident enough to live their best life. We inspire women to break away from settling in an outdated way of life and to strive to live their best life.

Anuveya's promise is to provide safe, supportive spaces and opportunities, leading by example and embodying my message, to uplift and inspire women that it is okay to stand in your power and craft a life of desire. 


To show that regardless of your background or experiences, nobody has to settle, and through use of my own experiences, we can achieve and develop a positive life perspective, elevated self confidence, and the belief that you can take the next step towards the life you desire.

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