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Terms & Conditions

Soul Circle Membership:

ANUVEYA Soul Circle is a paid membership. You will be charged on a rolling monthly basis from the date you sign up. The amount at the time of sign up will be paid from your account each month to secure and continue your membership. The Soul Circle membership is a non committal membership, there is no minimum term* and you are able to leave and terminate your subscription, although I hope you won't want to! If you do choose to terminate your subscription you will have access to content for 30 days after the last payment, meaning you do not lose out on content you have already paid to access. If you choose to come back to the Soul Circle at any point after leaving, you will always be welcome, however you will have to rejoin at the current price which may be different to the previous amount you paid, any previous lower membership fee will NOT be held and honoured. Any members information will be held in compliance with current GDPR laws and no information will be shared with any third parties or used for any purposes other than to contact you about your subscription. Any payment information regarding your subscription will not be seen by ANUVEYA, and will be processed via Paypal's or Stripe's own systems. due to the nature of the membership and instant content available, no refunds will be given under any circumstances.

*Any members who have paid for annual membership in advance will be have access for the 12 months, no refund will be given for members deciding to leave before the 12 month term ends. Annual subscription payments will NOT be renewed automatically.

Original Artwork and Commissions:

Any artwork created by Laura Renwick of ANUVEYA still remains the intellectual property of the artist. Buying an original, commission or print does NOT give you full usage rights to reproduce or sell any artwork, in whole or in part, for financial gain. Any photographs and videos of the artwork, including commissions, can be shared by the artist for marketing purposes on the website, social media and any marketing materials.
In purchasing any artwork, you agree to adhere to any payment arrangements agreed, and know that no artwork will be released until a balance is settled. Any outstanding amounts owed may be ei
ther passed on to a collections agency, or result in you not receiving the artwork and forfeiting any monies paid up until that point.
In terms of postage, the most relevant postal service - for the size and value of the artwork, will be used. Original pieces and commissions will always be tracked, as will larger value prints. Regular prints will be sent via standard 1st class postage. If any artwork is received and found to be damaged in transit, please make contact within 3 working days to inform, so this can be dealt with, with the postal service/courier, to arrange appropriate action - the outcome cannot be guaranteed as this will be wholly dependant on the postal/courier services policies.

Prior to purchase of original pieces and commissions, you will receive photos and/or videos to ensure you are happy with the piece before postage. If this is not the case, please inform before postage, so this can be discussed. No refunds will be given once the artwork is posted, unless in the case of damage during transit, as above.

Oracle/Tarot Card Design Services:

All bookings must be secured with a minimum 20% deposit. No artwork shall begin until at least 40% of the total has been paid (With the exception of paid for sample cards). The remainder can either be paid on/nearing completion, or split into multiple payments during the design timeframe. No high quality, printable artwork will be released until the full balance is settled, with the exception of sample cards. The client will obtain full usage of all designs for your pack of cards and any promotional materials, however it is required that Laura Anne Renwick is acknowledged as the artist/designer for your cards.

Unless specifically requested, you will NOT have permission to use these designs on saleable merchandise (eg:- clothing, stationary, posters, etc). Should you wish to do so, please make contact with your intentions for this to be discussed. If you are found to be doing so without prior consent, I reserve the right to take further action. None of the original artwork is to be adjusted, copied or recreated by any third parties.

It is important that any images used within the designs are either your own images, you have permission to use or they are licensed images. Any imagery supplied and used that is not either owned by you or with appropriate permission/licensing may leave you liable for legal action from the original source of the images. When supplying any imagery for use, it is important that you are honest about their origin, so we can avoid any legal issues when reproducing and selling your deck. Even if your are commissioning a deck for personal use, I still adhere to these rules, as myself as the designer, would still be gaining from using these images, even if you are not planning to sell your deck to others.



I offer a free consultation call to discuss your ideas and what you have in mind for your cards. It is advisable that you have some sort of idea what you would like for your cards, however I am happy to assist. Sample cards can also be created if required. Pricing information above. Should you wish to go ahead you will then be required to pay a deposit. From there a solid framework alongside the design concepts will be discussed and set in place. Once at least 40% of the total has been paid I will then begin creating the artwork for your cards. I cannot be held responsible for any design deadline delays which occur as a result of delayed payments or delayed communication from the client.

It is important to note that while your design project is of the utmost importance, there are days and times that I will not be working on your project. If any communication is made during those times I will do my best to respond as soon as possible, however any adjustments or design work will only be done inside of my working hours.

Once a deck is completed, while you have full usage rights, myself - Laura Anne Renwick, as the artist will maintain the right to use any imagery, created during, or of final designs, for marketing and promotional materials for the card design service, and to add to my design portfolio, for promotional use on my website, social media platforms and in-person events.

I, the artist, relinquish the right to reproduce any card designs from your deck for my own re-sale or any financial gain. 

In Person Retreats & Workshops:

Anyone signing up to attend a retreat will be liable to pay the total amount by the individual date stated for each event, there will be no extensions to the payment deadline and full payment will be due. If you are signing up to a split payment option, your payments will automatically be taken on the same date each month for the duration of your plan, again full payment must be received by the above payment deadline.


Retreat Refund Policy: If for any reason you are unable to attend the retreat after paying any monies, and are able to give appropriate notice, a refund will only be offered if someone else can take and pay for your space with at least 6 weeks' notice before the date of the retreat (4 weeks in the case of "day retreats"). If the space cannot be filled, unfortunately you will forfeit any monies paid. If you do not attend the retreat with less than 6 weeks notice, for any reason, regardless of any monies paid, you will not be liable for a refund, in part or in full.

If you are a "no show" you will not be liable for a refund and may be refused to book future events and services. If you have chosen to attend with a payment plan option, not adhering to the above terms will mean you are still liable to continue any future payments.

Not attending the retreat, once booked, does not entitle you to any offers of "goodwill".

If you feel that there may be any reason in future you may not be able to attend once booking, I would strongly advise to take out insurance to cover any potential losses.

While our activities and excursions are mentioned, depending on access and other variables, this may change slightly, but you will be informed of any changes, this will not jeopardise the experience as a whole.


While on the retreat, you will be solely responsible for your own belongings, I cannot accept any liability for any damage or losses. Any damages or losses incurred by Anuveya as a result of your actions or behaviour will hold you liable. It is worth noting that while Anuveya has Public Liability insurance, it is still your responsibility to act accordingly while attending retreats. Any untoward behaviour, towards Anuveya founder Laura Anne Renwick, towards another guest, or towards a member of the public may result in you being asked to leave the event without prior warning, and without any form of reimbursement. If for any reason you leave during the retreat, unfortunately you will not be liable to receive any reimbursement, in full or in part.


Retreats are referred to as all inclusive, however this does NOT include transport to and from your home location. Appropriate transport to and from the location is the sole responsibility of the person booking. Please ensure appropriate transport is arranged in advance of the retreat date. Nor does this include any additional accommodation, meals, refreshments, or travel, other than that stipulated in information in regards to the retreat.


In joining a retreat experience, you are automatically consenting to photographs of our retreat (no sensitive photographs) being taken and shared on social media, unless you have explicitly expressed that you are not happy for this to happen.


Please be aware that retreat experiences involve both spiritual and emotional work and may evoke deep emotions, memories or triggering thoughts. Please only attend a retreat if you feel that you are emotionally and mentally stable enough, to both travel to and from the location, and to partake in the experience as a whole. If you have a diagnosis of any mental health issues or conditions, I would strongly recommend that you visit a doctor to get clearance to attend a retreat as I am not medically qualified to assist or treat any mental health issues or conditions. This is your responsibility, I, Laura Renwick of Anuveya, cannot be accountable for any medically related or impacted discretion or decisions.

Please ensure that you make me aware of any allergies, dietary requirements, relevant (mental or physical) health conditions or any other information that will need to be taken into consideration to ensure your safety and comfort.

Online Programs, Courses & Workshops:

In signing up to attend a program, course or workshop online, you will be fully accountable for attending any live sessions and to carry out any advised self-led activities. Appropriate information will be given for you to attend any live sessions. (Please ensure you check emails, including spams and promotions folders.) I take no responsibility for any results or lack of, as results are wholly down to your commitment, dedication and presence. In signing up, you are taking responsibility for yourself to manage time and space to complete any associated "work" or activities.

Readings, Guidance & 1-1's:

I do not issue refunds on any type of guidance or readings after the reading has been given. Information given during a reading is channeled from source and given as received. Simply disagreeing with your reading does not constitute a refund. I recommend that if you do disagree with, or not instantly relate to the information given, that you wait for things to unfold in due time. It is often with readings that they will deliver information on the future or an alternate path which you are yet to explore. Also note that any guidance given within your reading or any Anuveya services is entirely subjective, you have free will and personal choice and so Anuveya and/or Laura Anne Renwick will not be liable for anything that does or does not happen following from receipt of your guidance. No refunds are given on 1-1 sessions, inclusive of (but not limited to) coaching, healing or guidance. Failure to attend a booked session will result in you being marked down as a "no show". You will not be liable for a refund and may be refused to book future events and services.



Any holistic or complimentary "healing" and items sold in the shop for "healing" purposes, do not boast or guarantee any cures, physical or emotional healing, nor should they replace any medical treatments. If you have any health ailments, I would strongly recommend that you visit a doctor to get clearance as I am not medically qualified to assist or treat any mental health issues or conditions. This is your responsibility, I, Laura Renwick of Anuveya, cannot be accountable for any medically related or impacted discretion or decisions. No refunds are given on 1-1 sessions, inclusive of (but not limited to) coaching, healing or guidance. Failure to attend a booked session will result in you being marked down as a "no show". You will not be liable for a refund and may be refused to book future events and services.

Content Usage -

Any created content, (written, audio or video) free or purchased via this website, email, Hub platform, or social media platform is the legal property of ANUVEYA. Any commercial usage of ANUVEYA content is strictly prohibited. You are not permitted to share content with third parties or to share online on private websites, forums or on social media. Anybody found to be doing so will be subject to legal action. 

Privacy Policy -

All information will be held in compliance with GDPR policies. Your information will not be shared with any third parties, unless it is required for a legal matter, or concern for danger to yourself or another member of the public. Basic customer information such as name, email and phone number may be stored for contact and bookkeeping purposes. Any sensitive payment information will not be held on record and will be destroyed after initial use if personally given. It is understood that all customer details and any information or topics discussed are strictly confidential and that our clients are given the utmost discretion at all times. Your payment information will not be processed by Anuveya, and so Anuveya will not have access to any sensitive payment information. Stripe or PayPal will handle and process payments in accordance with their own policies.



Laura Renwick


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