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Woman Unleashed Retreats

"No judgement, just joy!"

Each retreat is gorgeously put together, using a combination of creative and spiritual practices, holding you in a space where you are lovingly welcomed to flourish into your true self, to shed all that no longer serves you, to deepen your self connection, to take time for you, to not feel "reborn" but rediscovered, to be unapologetically you, and to connect with other women, deepening a bond of sisterhood, while you reclaim your true self.

Find your confidence, experience calm, excitement, awakening, divine remembrance, and so much more!


Every woman deserves a space where you can take care of yourself first, without guilt, and leave the rest of the world behind for a while, able to find solace with other women without fear of judgement or pressure, in safe spaces, where you can learn from one another, hold space together, feeling truly seen and heard, and grow together while finding your own unique paths forward.

See below for further information on upcoming retreats:


Feedback from women who have attended previous anuveya retreats

"A beautiful sense of belonging with like minded wonderful people all of whom shaped the experience for me and allowed me the space to find my true self."

"This was a life changing experience for me and I feel absolutely amazing now! Can't wait to do more."

"Being with other women who I hadn’t met before was enriching and we revelled in each other’s transformations. I came home feeling completely blessed!"

"It was worth every penny I paid, really good value & for what it gave me, it's worth a lot more."

"The retreat was well organised, well thought out and great value for money. There was so much of Laura in the retreat, which I loved. Her positive energy, her care, her creativity and her healing . It was truly an unique, bespoke beautiful experience. The unexpected part for me is the deep connection I feel with the other ladies on the retreat. At the start, all of which were strangers and two days later each one will forever have a place in my heart. Those who cry together stay together, whether it be happy tears or tears of release, this has forged a beautiful bond between us. The weekend has left me lighter, sleeping better, happier, balanced, a better mum, wife and friend and deeply healed and supported. I have found my true self and I'm never letting her go. Thank you Laura!"

"For me the whole weekend was perfect, it has given me so much that I didn't even know I needed."

"It helped me to release some of my trauma and listen to my inner thoughts, proving that I’m on the right path for me, giving me the confidence to work on myself and enjoy the spiritual journey I’m on."

"A beautifully safe nurturing space to be yourself, to lose and find yourself again. A safe space to cry and laugh and share. A true sisterhood."

"Amazing for your soul!"




Glastonbury Spring Retreat
"Return to Avalon"


Come home to you, in a sacred remembrance of the woman you truly are!

Join me on a beautifully curated 3 night retreat, staying in the heart chakra of the world - Glastonbury, also known as Avalon. Visiting sacred sites such as The Chalice Well & Gardens, The White Spring, St Margaret's Chapel & Magdalene Almshouses and Glastonbury Tor. As well as a private session in the Goddess Temple, as well as 2 inclusive workshops, group healing and meditation.

Next Retreat Dates:

Spa Day Retreat
Aqua Sana, Longleat


Avebury Day Retreats

Join me and other women in a bond of sisterhood, at the sacred site of Avebury, within the stone circle, for a day retreat from 10.30am - 5pm. Connect deeper with yourself, find release, embrace your true self, boost your confidence and find peace and tranquility.

The day will be host to:

A Woman Unleashed workshop - inclusive of holding circle with space to share, feel heard, worthy and supported, gifting of healing, a channeled meditation, sacred creativity, free flow movement to shed negativity and invoke the woman within, sacred devotion to nourish the senses, inner connection and creating your own essential oil rollerball/spell jar/craft to take home with you.

A fabulous lunch grazing board will be provided

(as well as light refreshments during the workshop)

Entry to explore Avebury Manor gardens. You are welcome to explore on your own to take in the surroundings, connect in or perhaps find a space to journal or relax. We will also regroup to hold space together.

A group walk around the stones, where you can touch and connect with the ancient energy. Here we will circle and connect in with the Earth while I deliver an Earth Heart honouring prayer.

Time and space to connect with the wishing trees.

An opportunity to explore the fabulous shops Avebury has to offer

Each guest will also receive a gift bag to take home to remember and continue your journey

Only 8 spaces available in total.

£111 per person

Next Retreat Date:

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