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Creative wellbeing in schools

Small Group & 1-1 Intervention


Creative wellbeing intervention sessions are available to book for primary school age groups,
from reception (EYFS) through to year 6.

The sessions are run on site within the schools own setting.

The sessions are run in small groups of up to 5 children.
1 session would cover multiple small groups, as well as 1-1 time if required.

A 'session' is generally 2 hours total.
Each small group is recommended 15-20 minutes each
(Depending on the total number of pupils per session)


For your school's peace of mind:

I am insured, hold an enhanced DBS check, and can provide a risk assessment upon request.

What is creative Wellbeing Intervention?

Creative wellbeing intervention sessions are offered within school hours as an enrichment opportunity to children who could use some form of additional support or encouragement, such as any emotional, social or personal development, including children with any SEN or additional needs. It can also be offered as a treat or incentive to pupils that are reaching or working toward targets and goals.


As well as adding more creative enrichment to each child's learning and development journey, the art intervention sessions provide a whole host of benefits; Art is used as a tool, to support children in various ways, such as speech and language development - working on pronunciation, as well as taking on new words for their vocabulary. Also building on social skills. It serves as an emotional outlet offering space for time to talk - sharing stories, thoughts and feelings, as well as positively working together as a group, 

Art is great for aiding development of the right side of the brain and can really cultivate a great set of skills that will aid children with cognitive development, problem solving, memory, following instruction, growing attention span, confidence building, self expression and helps support creativity & imagination. 

Sessions also focus on physical development, such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, as well as a great variety of sensory enrichment opportunities. 

As well as the above benefits, these sessions provide exciting opportunities to explore an array of art and craft techniques, inspiring and giving new ideas, which they may continue to explore and build interest in in their own time outside of school.

I offer a wide range of projects and techniques to explore, inclusive of (but not limited to) various forms of painting, printmaking, dye work, collage, sculpture (including clay), drawing, sewing, and more. Each project gives the children an opportunity to experiment and explore with art materials & techniques, and to also build on any existing creative skills.

Each child is treated with complete respect, empathy and kindness. The sessions offer a very warm and welcoming environment, where children are encouraged to talk, but also to respectfully listen to and conversate with their peers. 

Progress reports can be offered at the end of each term so children's progress can be tracked and groups reviewed if required.

Head Teacher Feedback

" Laura led therapeutic art sessions over a number of terms at my school. Laura’s approachable, kind and professional approach made it easy for class teachers to liaise with her and decide what sort of provision would best suit the needs of the children. Laura was able to deliver impactful and fun sessions that engaged children and allowed them to improve on agreed targets such as communication, vocabulary and teamwork. I heartily recommend Laura and I’m sure my children would do too! "

- Dan Crossman, Headteacher

Since 2018, I have been providing creative opportunities in schools, including wellbeing sessions and regular after-school art clubs.

I hold a Level 2 qualification in "Understanding Children and Young People's Mental Health." As a parent of two children—one with ASD, ADHD, and significant learning difficulties, and another with anxiety and emotional challenges—I bring firsthand experience in supporting children with SEND and emotional needs.

Over the years, I have worked with numerous children with SEND, emotional, social, and developmental needs, as well as children of military personnel, within school settings. (I, too, am a military child of a serving soldier!)

With a wealth of creative experience in various art techniques and mediums as a professional working artist, I also have higher education in art and design and related City & Guilds qualifications. Additionally, I have experience working as an ad-hoc cover TA across all primary school year groups.

Session Pricing


2 Hour Sessions
At least 4 sessions per term.

Term payable in advance

Per Session
(Maximum 20 children per session)


2 Hour Session
One-off session.

Payable in advance

Per 2 Hour Session
(Maximum 20 children per session)

Pricing is inclusive of all tools and materials required.
2 hour sessions are inclusive of set up & tidy away time


Private Sessions

Private 1-1  or small group opportunities are also available to book at your own location, or 1-1's available at my art studio in Wilton (SN8).


Ideal to support your child's artistic enrichment and also to aid alongside alternative education.

Private sessions are priced at £30 per hour

(plus mileage if I am travelling to you)

This time can be divided to suit requirements.

This is inclusive of tools and materials.

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