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"Colour is a power which directly influences the Soul"

- Wassily Kandinsky


The Astro colour Theory System, created and developed

by Laura Anne Renwick.

The Astro Colour Theory System incorporates a select variety of systems and theories. Inclusive of astrology, colour theory, colour therapy & psychology, the main Chakra system and the Great Wheel of Life.

This unique system can be used for insight, guidance and clarity in a number of ways.

Understanding & Connecting with your Zodiac Signs & Natal Chart

Confidence Support in Embracing Your Best Self

Guidance alongside Colour Readings

It can support you with being more conscious of your surroundings, colour choices and much more!

For those business owners out there, this can also come in handy in your visual branding!

ACT Colour Wheel 2022.png

The system focuses on 12 colours, each one assigned to a specific sign, with associated Chakra's. Each colour has a respective symbol - from channeled "Colour Codes". As per the seasons in the Great Wheel of Life. The colour chart works in an anti-clockwise direction. Like an artists colour wheel, it can be used to determine various colour connections in line with colour theory.

Each colour has specific qualities, from a physical and psychological point of view, as well as frequency and wavelengths that affect our cells and trigger specific responses. It also encapsulates the properties of the main Chakra system. 

This is a unique and new way to connect with colour and astrology, but has been proven to work and approved and highly recommended by many who have used the system.

If you were to search online your signs colours, you will find quite a different colour pallette, that's not to say either is wrong, but you may feel you resonate more with the ACT system.

While each sign has a focus colour, the colour theory aspect provides a colour chart, which is shown in the form of a carefully created Astro Colour Grid.

whiteAstro Colour Grid.png

The grid can be used in a number of ways, either as a crystal grid with the relevant coloured crystals, with objects around you during meditation, practice or ritual. You can also use it in a card spread for a reading. 

How Can You Work With The ACT System?

Join the Soul Circle Membership!

The safe sanctuary for ambitious, empathic women to unwind and take time out, as we move monthly through the Astro Colour Wheel of the year, working with each colour, while finding solace in sacred sisterhood and self connection, so you can craft a life you love!



A 90 minute, 1-1 session via Zoom video call.

We will create your astro colour grid on screen and I'll talk you through your colours. Then with colour oracle cards, looking at the correspondence to your grid, alongside tarot and my own intuitive skill, you will receive a comprehensive guidance reading on current and arising topics and situations you would like support with.

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