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The 2024 cohort is now closed and in progress

Lets smash that glass ceiling holding you back from reaching the next level of yourself!

You don't need permission or validation to be more anything,
you just need the tools and shifts that are going to get you to the next level.

It's time to break through those limitations standing in your way.

Soul HeARTed unlocks exactly what you need!

The creative soul discovery program for empathic, ambitious women, just like you!


It's time to tap into and embody
the unshakable version of yourself!

Leave behind the days of feeling misheard, misunderstood or in a space where you're not being seen and appreciated for the incredible woman you really are!

Step away from being restricted by others opinions and beliefs, even by others hopes and dreams for you, and step into the life that YOU are here for. 

The life where you get to make the decisions of who you are, want you want, where you want to be.

The life where you are in such sacred connection with yourself, that you don't need to seek external guidance or validation, because you TRUST yourself!

You're a woman in business, looking for a way to break the glass ceiling from reaching your next income goal by being able to create aligned offers and opportunities, or being able to inject more creativity all round into your business so you can enjoy that sense of fun again.
You're a mother, wife, partner, carer, someone that is often depended on by others, but you've lost your spark a little and are looking to get that back by reconnecting with who you really are and re-embracing your sense of individuality and self trust so you can be a better version of you for the ones you love.

You've been through some big changes and now is the chapter where you learn to love yourself! Shedding old skins of who you have been in situations and relationships just to please others, ready and waiting to welcome yourself with open arms in the knowing that you are now safe to be you.

Life is good, but feels like it doesn't really fit, you've had to hold back on showing who you really are, Soul HeARTed is the key to unlocking your true self and unleashing her out into the world in all her wonder and glory, not feeling like you have to dim down or hold back.

then Soul HeARTed is for YOU!

Now is the time to embrace the life that was meant for you
where you feel confident in decision making,
are able to access your sense of creativity,
can make informed choices, based on your own vision,
see an alternate perspective to shape your goals and dreams into reality.

The life where you get to do and be whatever YOU want, and feel like you know how!

You don't need to be spiritual, or creative!

Soul HeARTed takes you on a journey of creative soul discovery, whether you're a beginner, or a seasoned spiritualist, an experienced artist/crafter, or if you can't even draw a stickman!


 I'll be supporting you to:

  • Navigate a perfect fusion of creative processes and spiritual connections.

  • Connect with higher frequencies, deeper versions of yourself and experience divine realms. 

  • Receive guidance, inspiration & direction from within.

  • Build foundations or add to your creative skill, so you can tangibly translate what you receive into visual form.

  • Awaken your sacred creativity, igniting that fire within so you have the drive, motivation and inner tools to craft a life you love!

Untitled_Artwork 30.png

Still waiting for the penny to drop?

You've had the readings, received the healing, but you're still waiting for the penny to drop!


You're wondering how is it all going to fall into place?


The truth is, only YOU have the power to change your reality!

So, rather than feeling like you need to look to others for guidance, 

Soul HeARTed will show you how to dig deep within, to discover and embrace the parts of you that have the ability to create the change you've been desiring, but have perhaps laid dormant or unrecognised for too long.

Now is the time for Soul HeARTed to facilitate the space for those parts of you to be awakened,

so you can ignite your own power within, to be able to do "the thing", knowing without a doubt that YOU, not everyone else, has the answer.

Untitled_Artwork 30.png

living a life that everyone else wants you to live?


Done with being the person they want you to be?

Feeling like you have to hide parts of your true identity - the most sacred, magnetic parts of you that define who you really are?

 You're ready to step out of the shell of confinement and be seen perfectly as you are without giving two sh*ts what anyone else thinks, says or does. 

Soul HeARTed will crack you open in the best ways,

being able to trust yourself and your decisions, with the support of your spirit team and soul lineages, without bearing the unnecessary weight of others disapproval,

embracing and embodying a more authentic identity so you can

live the life you want, exactly the way YOU want to live it. 

Untitled_Artwork 30.png

You're not struggling, but life is busy?

A lot on your plate, mentally and/or physically, you're doing so much for everyone else, or perhaps dedicating so much time and effort to work or business, but what are you doing for you?

Where are you having your "me time"?

How are you detaching from the grind, to give yourself dedicated and sacred space?

Soul HeARTed is here to give you that dedicated sacred space and time,

to really gift you the opportunity to revel in 'YOU time' as you connect with yourself on a deep soul level.

Facilitate that special time, for you to sink in, escape from the pressures of daily life, providing you an oasis to sink into and connect with your Soul, so that you can feel a sense of purpose and fullness as you reconnect with and reclaim your self.

Untitled_Artwork 30.png

Not really the creative type?


If you've ever felt limited by your "lack" of creativity, or you've thought or been told that you're not the creative type, if you want to be able to live the life you desire, but don't really know where to start or where to go next from here -

Soul HeARTed is here to show you that you CAN be creative, and that creative does not necessarily mean artistic. Awakening your creativity will not only motivate you to be able to trust in your creative skill, on and off the canvas, but ultimately to help you to take the next step towards your goals and dreams with confidence and trust so you can create and craft the life you came here to lead! 


Previous Participant Feedback


What's Included...

During the course of the 5 month program you will have access to:

During the course of the 5 month program you will have access to - -Eight guided live grou

One-to-One upgrades will also receive:


The creative soul discovery program to awaken and enhance your spiritual journey,
so you can confidently create and craft the life you were born to lead!


This is NOT for you if:
- You just want to learn how to paint & draw
-You want
someone to do the work for you
- You want a "quick fix" solution to your problems
- You're not willing to try the unknown
-You don't feel open to change

This IS for you if:
- You want to discover creativity on a deeper soul level
- You are willing to take action and implement
- You are ready to commit
 to your own healing & awakening
- You have an open mind & open heart
- You are ready to take action and create



"What an amazing journey this course took me on, I'm not creative far from it, but I did it and came up with pieces I never thought I would, they aren't perfect but they are better than I thought I would ever feel pulled to create. Thank you Laura Anne Renwick for guiding us all through this beautiful course!"

Teresa N.J.

Untitled_Artwork 30.png

Soul HeARTed is created with my Sacred Consciousness Framework weaved throughout,

taking you within each of my three key pillars, to support you in elevating your

Colour Consciousness,

Sacred Creativity

and Conscious Connection

so you can live life on purpose with enhanced self expression,

able to receive all that is meant to be yours so you can

craft a life you love!

Soul Hearted Program Schedule

This years cohort of Soul HeARTed begins on Tuesday 9th April 2024

The live sessions will run on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month until our last live session on 23rd July.
You will have a full session calendar in your Hub once enrolled.
Each session will run
7.30pm - 9pm UK | 2.30pm - 4pm EST | 12.30pm - 2pm PST

SESSION ONE - 9th April
The Left & Right Brain

SESSION TWO - 23rd April

Discover Your Soul Purpose - with Astro Colour


Create & Connect with your North Node Colour Grid


Earth - Spirit & Chakra Connection 

BONUS AUDIO - Accessible from 4th June 

Your Soul, The Artist (Audio Recording)

SESSION FIVE - 11th June

Galactic Soul Archives (The higher archives of your Soul's information)

SESSION SIX - 25th June

Yoni Flame - Sacral Awakening


Honour The Ancestors


'Higher Self' Healing Soul Art

BONUS SESSION - Accessible from 30th July

Create A Spirit Guide Portrait (Video Replay)

To read a more in-depth run down of each session, scroll the tabs below.

The left & Right Brain

Learn how the left and right side of our brains operate in specific ways to access information, make decisions, unlock skills, and work with the body. This session will go into the function of each side of the brain, how we can utilise them, and also how they work in relation to our feminine and masculine energy. We will then create a visual representation.

This will support you in working with your creativity and spiritual self to access relevant information, skill and physical function.

Untitled_Artwork 30.png

One to One & Pay In Full


Sacred Goddess Lineage Discovery - Group Session

30th July

Those signed up for the 1-1 option will receive access to an additional LIVE bonus group session, where you will be guided through meditation, to connect with your Goddess lineage, to receive healing, guidance and messages, and then create imagery, and receive guidance on the information uncovered.



"This was a wonderful course I highly recommend for anyone thinking of doing Soul Hearted. You don't need to be able to draw. It really connects you to your soul messages through colour x"
Amanda M


About Laura

Holistic Artist & Creative Soul Guide

With an academic background and extensive experience in art & design, I create my artwork from a dedicated studio space in Wiltshire, England. I have a passion for making the world a more beautiful place and supporting people to 'craft a life they love'. 

My creative passion echoes out into facilitating safe and sacred spaces and opportunities for women to reconnect with themselves, as well as forming sacred bonds of sisterhood, through both spiritual and creative processes, including 'Woman Unleashed' retreats, workshops, my Soul Circle membership, and my signature Soul HeARTed program.

All of my offers encapsulate my 'Sacred Consciousness Framework', weaving colour, creativity and connection throughout, supporting you to take the next step along your journey, whatever that may be!

Untitled design (11).png


"I dug deep a lot deeper than I had ever done before in my entire life. If you sign up for this you won't regret it, I certainly haven't!"
Pat T


Energy Exchange

Re-launch promotional pricing

The 2025 cohort of Soul Hearted

will be at a higher price point

Pay monthly

£165 x 6
6 x Monthly Payments 
Automatically paid on the same date each month


£125 x 6
Early Bird Offer expires 5th April 2024

Pay in full

One payment

Bonus 'Goddess Lineage' group session on 30th July 2024
Personal Colour Reading Audio

Early Bird Offer expires 5th April 2024

Untitled_Artwork 28.png

1-1 upgrade

£1400 / £233 x 6
One payment or 6 monthly payments

Upgrade includes
5x monthly 1-1 guidance calls via Zoom
Bonus 'Goddess Lineage' group session on 30th July 2024
Astro Colour Guidance Session

£1200 / £200 x 6
Early Bird Offer expires 5th April 2024

Soul Circle members can save up to 20%! 

If you're already a member, you can join Soul HeARted with a discount of £198! - Giving you access to the program for just £792 (or £132x6).

Or join before the 5th April and receive the Early Bird pricing with an additional members only reduction, taking the program down to an incredible £600 (or £100x6).


Want to level up?

Soul Circle members can level up with the 1-1 upgrade and take advantage of the members only 20% discount, taking your upgrade down to £1120 / Early Bird - £960.


Discount applies to current Soul Circle members only. If you join the Soul Circle during the Soul HeARTed launch, you WILL receive the members only rate, however if you choose to terminate your membership within 6 months of signing up you may be liable to pay the difference.


“Creativity is something that lives in all of us, waiting to be explored and unleashed.
Creativity holds infinite possibility.

It holds the key to getting from where you are now, to where or what you desire to be.
In its most simplest form, it is the spark that glows, growing, until it illuminates a pathway, a process, to lead you to the desired destination.

You don’t have to be able to be stereotypically creative, you just have to have even at least some small part of you that wants to do and be more than you are right now.”


- An excerpt from my book “Initiation of the Flame”

Untitled_Artwork 28.png

Previous Participant Feedback


-Do I have to be present for the live monthly sessions?

No, you get replay access included, during, and after the end date of the program, so you can catch up in your own time. Though joining live can offer more accountability, and also you can participate in the Q&A at the end of each session, so joining live is highly recommended to get the best out of the experience with maximum results.


- I have no spiritual experience, can I still join?

Absolutely! This is a space to explore  and enhance your self connection and spirituality, regardless of experience. ​You will be guided through exercises that are suitable for both beginners and those more experienced.

- I have no artistic experience, can I still join?

Absolutely! As above, this is a space to explore and develop, regardless of experience. ​You will be guided through exercises that are suitable for both beginners and those more experienced. 

- Do I need to buy art materials?

You can buy more advanced materials, such as paints or pastels, if you want to, though basic paper and colouring pencils will be sufficient.


- Why is it only open to women?

This is not discriminatory in any way. I have created this space with my own and others trauma and experiences in mind. As a sexual, emotional and physical abuse survivor, at the hands of men, I have created a women only space where safety and comfort is key. Also a women only space promotes healing of deep sister/witch wounds, facilitating space for women to release and let go of current and past life trauma where they have been hurt by other women.​


- How do I access the program content?

The program has an online Hub, where each program member has a personal login account, accessible and responsive to all devices. This will be accessible to you as soon as you sign up.​


- Will I gain any certifications?

No, this is not a formal learning space. The program is intended for personal development. However as a result of joining, you may discover topics and opportunities that can lead you towards seek formal certification opportunities.​


- I'm not on Facebook, will I still benefit from joining?

Yes, the Facebook group is simply a bonus community - a space where you can share and connect with the other members. All of the program content is accessible in the Hub and on the live Zoom calls.​

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