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Intuitive Design for Business Owners

Custom visual designs for your business!


Imagine launching your offer with aligned visuals that echo your expertise and attracts your audience...

So if you're done with still using generic design imagery in your visuals, and are ready to uplevel your aesthetics with some custom graphics

this is for you!

My intuitive design offerings embody your vision, so you can sell and market your offer with an aligned and cohesive aesthetic so your audience has confidence in you.


When you want to just get on and do the thing you're best at, it can be easy to resort to a generic template to save time, or to use the graphics that everyone else in your industry seems to be using too, but all that's doing is just slotting you into a box where you end up looking like everyone else, and so your dream clients aren't recognising you/your offer as being the aligned puzzle piece that they're missing!

It's time to stop using the same templates and graphics as everyone else and have custom designs made for you so you can stand out from the crowd with aligned visuals that echo your expertise and set you apart as the expert that you are!

If you already have great visuals, is it time for a facelift and update to your offer aesthetics? Or are you preparing to promote and sell your new offer and need some brand new visuals?

From a single offer graphic, to a full launch package of visuals, and all that's in-between, my intuitive design service for business owners will tune in to translate your vision to reality, so you can capture your audience's attention and convert into sales!

But,  why ?....

You can tinker with the likes of Canva, Visme and other easy 'design' software and apps, but in doing so you may hit these roadblocks or limitations:-

The BIG one - Time!


If you are new to these types of software, it can take a lot of time to navigate and learn even the most simple features, which in turn can leave you with an additional workload that you don't have time for, as well as creating visuals with only basic knowledge that don't reflect how awesome you re at your zone of genius!

Or you may be a dab hand at this type of stuff, but time is money and you don't have the time to be doing all the tinkering and design work (as fun as it is), you've got other things to do, creating the actual content and doing the 'thing' that your customers want to buy!


Design Limitations


You have a vision, you can see it in your mind, you know what you want, but you just can't find the right 'element' to add to your image. You want 'that bit' to be a bit more shiny, or at a slight angle, you like the frame but the dimensions just don't fit, or you just can't find what you want in the 'ready made' options.


It's Time to Level Up!


You've been getting by until now with self made visuals that have done the job, but you're ready to level up and start appealing more to your dream clients. Quality attracts quality and your aesthetic is no exception! You can offer the most incredible thing in the world, but if it doesn't look inviting, or the visual expectation doesn't match your offer or vibe then you're leaving money on the table!


New Offer, New Visuals!


You're already looking polished, attracting awesome clients, making the sales, but you're bringing in a new offer or service that needs its own set of visuals to support not just your launch content, but also your materials and content that your clients have access to., so everything is cohesive, right from the moment they see your first content on the offer, to the sales page, to signing up and then onwards while working with you. 


About Laura

Holistic Artist & Creative Soul Guide

I have a passion for making the world a more beautiful place and supporting people to 'craft a life they love'. As a holistic artist, I work very intuitively, but with a keen eye for colour and design. 

I work predominantly from my art studio in Wiltshire, England. Experienced in physical mediums such as coloured pencil and oil paints, to digital hand drawn art and visual design, I create a variety of artistic offerings, inclusive of original paintings embellished with crystals, tarot and oracle deck design and custom made digital designs.

As well as artistic services, my passion echoes out into facilitating safe and sacred spaces and events for women to reconnect with themselves and form sacred bonds of sisterhood, through both spiritual and creative processes, including retreats, workshops and my ACC membership.

All of my offers encapsulate my 'Sacred Consciousness Framework', weaving colour, creativity and connection throughout, supporting you to take the next step along your journey, whatever that may be!

Untitled design (11).png

There is no set 'style', (as seen below) as each design brief will be created to your specifications. With as much or as simple detail as you like, as seen below.


Designs can be created from scratch, made with your own photos, with the inclusion of some of my own stock photos taken by me personally, or a combination.


All to ensure that your graphics are truly unique!

As this is a new service, the pricing below are introductory rates.

Design Packages

done for you

Premium Launch


A 'master image' design - The main graphic that will represent your offer.

Plus corresponding design accents, with a comprehensive selection of graphics featuring the master design and/or accents.


  • Consultation Video Call.

  • Master Design Image.

  • Design Colour Palette with codes.

  • Up to 5 accent variations from the Master Design.

  • Background design image.

  • Web-page header with title text.

  • Web-page background.

PAckage Investment:

  • Offer/Service promotional image with text template.

  • Facebook cover photo image.

  • 6x Facebook/Instagram stories templates.

  • 6x Facebook/Instagram square post templates.

  • Facebook/Instagram carousel template.

  • Program/Course Workbook Template. Includes Front Cover, Menu Page, Back Page, Page Layout x 3 template variations (to be duplicated).

Workbook - Full Design Add On

Subject to client requirements. 

Prices from £200


essentials Launch

A 'master image' design plus corresponding design accents, with an essential selection of graphics featuring the master design and/or accents.


  • Consultation Video Call.

  • Master Design Image.

  • 3x accent variations from the Master Design.

  • Web-page banner template.

  • Background design image.

PAckage Investment:

  • Facebook cover photo image.

  • 3x Facebook/Instagram stories templates.

  • 3x Facebook/Instagram square post templates.


master design

A master image design - the main graphic that will represent your offer. Plus corresponding design accents, for you (or your team) to add to your graphics and visuals.


  • Consultation Video Call.

  • Master Design Image.

  • 4x accent variations from the Master Design.

PAckage Investment:


marketing templates

If you already have your own imagery, but want 'done for you' templated infographics, this is the perfect package!


  • A brief Consultation Video Call

  • Background design image in keeping with your current imagery.

  • A web-page banner with basic header/title text.

  • Offer/Service promotion image with promotional text.

  • 3x Facebook/Instagram stories templates.

  • 3x Facebook/Instagram square post templates.

PAckage Investment:

Offer promo


A single image design, complete with your offer/service information - including title, tagline and other relevant information you require to be included.

This is using stock graphics (including some of my own) and any of your own images you would like to use.


  • Consultation via message/email to discuss client specifications.

  • Complete promotional image.

  • Copy of promotional image as an editable template.

Price per image:



Short project design work, including creating individual marketing visuals, or enhancing your existing visuals.

This does NOT include any 'master design' work.

Price per hour:



An agreed monthly retainer service, for ongoing design services and support. Minimum 3 month commitment. Requirements to be individually discussed and agreed. Additional ad-hoc hours can be added as and when required.

Due to the nature of this service retainer availability is limited.

Pricing from:
£250 pcm

Package Menu


Designed Templates

Templates featuring original Anuveya-made graphics, ready for you to input your own information.

The following designs and templates are NOT for exclusive use, though you can adjust to suit your requirements.

Workbook Templates

Coming Soon

social media templates

Coming Soon



How will I receive my files?

Each file/collection of files will be sent to you via Google Drive with an accessible link for you to view and download your graphics. During the 'viewing' stage, files will be sent in a lower quality format. Once final designs are approved, your designs will be uploaded in a high quality PNG and PDF format, with both coloured background and transparent background (in the case of master designs and accents).

How are the graphics created?

I use a combination of programs, including (but not limited to) Procreate and Canva. Though Canva is mainly used for layout, text and creating templates inclusive of designs made by me, or imagery supplied by you. I use Procreate with an Apple Pen, so the details are digitally drawn/edited by hand. I do not use Photoshop o any other photo manipulation software.

Do you use AI generated imagery?

To create designs and details from scratch I do not use any artificial intelligence created imagery. However, if you have your own AI imagery which you have the rights to use, we can implement them for a starting point or as inspiration for your designs.

Do I have rights to use personalised graphics?

Ofcourse! They are made by me specifically for you to market your offer/services. You have full usage rights for that purpose. However, you do not have the rights to sell the graphics themselves, or to claim creatorship of the graphics and designs. However usage rights does not include the rights or permission to sell any merchandise featuring the designs, unless explicitly discussed and agreed otherwise. 

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Submit your question below.

Thank you for your query, you should receive a response within 48 hours.

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