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The card representing your selection from the choice of 4 cards. Once your transaction is complete, you will be emailed a PDF containing the write up including the card and accompanying reading of which you chose. 

These are not designed to address bespoke issues, but provide an instant reading in relation to the card you were most drawn to. 

Incorrectly choosing a card may result in a reading that is not relatable. Make sure you go with your first instinct without overthinking.

Tarotscope Card3

  • This reading is merely advice from the card , you are still ultimately responsible for your own decisions and should act on your own personal choice. I cannot be liable for anything that does or does not happen following this reading. This reading was pre-typed for a wide audience to choose from a set of 4 cards and so will not cover individual circumstances, however if you have chosen the card you were genuinely drawn to, then this reading will fit for you and your circumstances. The reading may not make sense immediately, but it will soon enough.

    ANUVEYA 2020 All rights Reserved

  • This reading is not to be distributed with anyone other than yourself. Anyone found to be doing so will be in breach of ANUEVYA's usage rights. Sharing is strictly prohibited.

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