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The safe sanctuary for empathic women - to find healing, explore spirituality and realise that they are worthy of taking up space!

Not just a membership, but a true sisterhood.

Find solace with other women, as you explore your own spirituality, without judgement, in a safe space where you can be inspired by one another, hold sacred space together, feel truly seen and heard, offering support and validity to how you feel. Letting go of having to explain, justify or put on a happy face. Step into a space where you can be unapologetically you, peel back the layers that have been weighing you down, and emerge as the woman you've always wanted to be. Knowing you are understood, as you bond and grow together, while finding your own unique path forward in embracing you!

As we work through the Astro Colour  Theory Wheel of the Year, you'll learn to work with colour energy for healing and guidance, as well as being more in tune to the people and world around you.

Growing and nurturing your own intuition & spiritual strengths, gaining more clarity in your life and feeling a better sense of direction, while upleveling your confidence, self care and spiritual practise, so you can remember who you really are, fall in love with her, and feel like you can take on the world, ready to strive for and achieve your goals.

"Every woman deserves a space where she can take care of herself first, without guilt, and leave the rest of the world behind for a while!"

About Laura

artist | intuitive | writer

mother | carer | chronic illness warrior

Laura Anne.png

-Professional Background-

Laura is a creative and intuitive, whose mission is supporting women to rediscover their confidence and self worth, with the power of spirituality and creativity, so they can stand in their power, truly believing that they ARE worthy of taking up space and living the life they deserve!

Supporting women, from all backgrounds and experiences, facilitating safe and welcoming spaces, to evoke sacred creative energy, lighting the way to break free from chains of confinement and self doubt, and to deepen their spiritual practice and self connection. Generating a deep sense of healing and freedom to experience life through the eyes and mind of an awakened woman - one is in tune with herself and the world around her,. Gifting the opportunity for women to find a safe place, to be and to connect with their Soul tribe, making unconditional connections of sacred sisterhood, and of divine union with self


Laura's spiritual development began in 2009, from tarot card readings and mediumship, to adding meditation, spiritual life coaching, chakra balancing, intuitive healing, holistic practitioner, working with crystals, past life exploration and more, to her repertoire.

Laura is a certified Spiritual Mentor and High Priestess (Certified by The Quantum Priestess)

Keeper of the Womb - Able to gift the Munay-Ki 13th Womb Rite

Previous guest reader with The Friends of Derek Acorah

and creator of The Astro Colour Theory System.

Committed to her growth in skill and experience, Laura is currently in training to become a certified Quantum Trance Practitioner, Past Life Therapist and Colour Healing Therapist.

-No Stranger to Life's Struggles-

From growing up a "pads brat" (army child), to experiencing childhood trauma, abusive and toxic relationships, living with chronic illness (fibromyalgia, joint hypermobility syndrome, arthritis), social anxiety, having a special needs child, and being at the beginnings of her own neurodivergent discovery journey, there has been a lot crammed into her 32+ years. She is no stranger to life's struggles, and while she respects that everyone's story is different, she believes that deep empathy, connection and understanding comes from experiencing the emotional trenches, rather than coaching from an ivory tower. Laura offers her work in a genuine, authentic way, supporting you side by side, as we grow together. Spirituality should have no hierarchy, just individuals supporting one another in their own quests for happiness.

what the members have to say

"You helped me when my confidence was at its lowest and made me realise that what I want out of life is important, not just to settle and put up with, thank you!"


"Thank you for creating this wonderful space, it is truly amazing! I wouldn't know what to do without it now."


"I love being a part of the Soul Circle. I've been here since the beginning, it's the best money I spend each month"


"Through joining the Soul Circle I have learned to meditate and become aware of my needs. Knowing now that they are just as important as anything else. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy much needed me time."


"I feel so held and cared for in this space. I have made friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime. It's so refreshing to be in a space like this with like minded women and not feel the pressure to be anything other than myself."


"The Soul Circle helped me to find me again. After many years suffering with anxiety and unresolved trauma, I feel ready to step out into the world again, feeling able to stand in my power and do the things I love without fear or worry. I am unbelievable grateful for not only the space, but the women and for Laura. You have helped me to remember that I am worthy of love too!"

"I love working with women, who are often the ones doing all the emotional labour in society. Having someone you can talk to about your struggles is incredibly important, and having safe spaces for women to be themselves is even more important."

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The Soul Circle pricing (1).png

Monthly subscriptions will be paid on a rolling monthly basis from the date you join, but can be cancelled at any time. Any cancellations will have access to content for 30 days after the last payment, meaning you do not lose out. If you choose to come back to the Soul Circle at any point after leaving, you will always be welcome. 


However I hope that you won't want to leave in the first place! 

Annual memberships are paid in full and will require you to remain a member for the entirety of that time frame. Your payment is not taken again automatically at the end of the 12 months, so will require you to set up your next payment preference after the time frame chosen.


How Do I Join?

Easy! Simply CLICK THE BUTTON to be directed to the sign up page to become a member.


- Is there a minimum term commitment?

No. I'd love you to stay as long as you feel comfortable. If after your first month you feel like The Soul Circle isn't the place for you, you are welcome to terminate your membership. You will have access to content up until 30 days after your last payment. You can stay as long as you like though, the majority of members have been in The Soul Circle for over 2 years and counting!

- Do I have to be present for the live monthly sessions?

Of course not, although you may benefit more, and find more accountability if you do. The circle sessions and meditations are always recorded and uploaded to the Hub, so you can watch/listen back whenever it suits you. The Masterminding sessions are not recorded as they are to support, in real time, those in attendance - You are welcome to join to receive support and guidance, if you need any, or you can join to simply be present to hold the space.

- If I cancel my membership, will I lose access to the content?

You will lose access to the Hub and any content, however if you have received any downloadable content during your time, that will be yours to keep.

- Will I have to repay any members discounts if I cancel?

If you cancel your membership within 3 weeks of redeeming your members discount you may be liable to pay back the difference. Otherwise, no, you do not have to repay the difference.

- Are there any in-person aspects to the membership?

While The Soul Circle is an online membership, I do encourage friendships, although if meeting up please ensure all parties feel safe to do so. Any meet-ups arranged between members is not the responsibility of myself. However members regularly join in person workshops or retreats that I host. There are also occasional arranged social get togethers during the year - for example a Christmas meal.

- I have no spiritual experience, can I still join?

Absolutely! The Soul Circle is a space for all women to explore their spirituality and find confidence, regardless of experience. There is plenty of beginners content to get you started, as well as deeper, more immersive content as you progress.

- Why is it only open to women?

This is not discriminatory in any way. I have created this space with my own and others trauma and experiences in mind. As a sexual, emotional and physical abuse survivor, at the hands of men, I have created a women only space where safety and comfort is key. Also a women only space promotes healing of deep sister/witch wounds, facilitating space for women to release and let go of current and past life trauma where they have been hurt by other women.

- How can I access the membership content?

The Soul Circle has an online Hub, where each member has a personal login account, accessible and responsive to all devices. This will be accessible to you as soon as you sign up.

- Will I gain any certifications?

No, this is not a formal learning space. The membership is intended for personal and social wellbeing, empowerment and growth. However as a result of being a member, you may discover topics and opportunities that can lead you towards formal certifications.

- I'm not on Facebook, will I still benefit from joining?

Yes, the Facebook group is a bonus community - a space where you can share and connect with the other members, as well as having access to regular posts. 80% of your membership is made up with the content accessible in the Hub, and the Zoom call access.

- Do I have to work through the content in a specific order?

Nope! Rather than a course with a specific start and finish, the Hub acts as a library, where you can dip in and out, at your own leisure, accessing what you need, when you need it. You can explore the new content or go back to anything you've already done. During your active membership, you have unlimited access to everything in The Soul Circle Hub.

- Can I upgrade my membership and work with you 1-1?

This is wholly dependant on availability. However there are no specific "upgrade" options, although you will be able to redeem your members discount on 1-1 opportunities when they are available.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to

Terms & Conditions


ANUVEYA Soul Circle is a paid membership. You will be charged on a rolling monthly basis from the date you sign up. The amount at the time of sign up will be paid from your account each month to secure and continue your membership. The Soul Circle membership is a non committal membership, there is no minimum term and you are able to leave and terminate your subscription, although I hope you won't want to! If you do choose to terminate your subscription you will have access to content for 30 days after the last payment, meaning you do not lose out on content you have already paid to access. If you choose to come back to the Soul Circle at any point after leaving, you will always be welcome, however you will have to rejoin at the current price, any previous lower membership fee will not be held and honoured. Any members information will be held in compliance with current GDPR laws and no information will be shared with any third parties or used for any purposes other than to contact you about your subscription. Any payment information regarding your subscription will not be seen by ANUVEYA, and will be processed via Paypal's or Stripe's own systems.

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