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4-7 October 2024 - Dorset 

'Creative self care'
Woman unleashed retreat

Have you ever paused at the threshold of something new, not because you doubted the journey, but because you weren’t quite sure about the company you’d be keeping?

Ever wondered if stepping into a new circle of women would mean encountering those all-too-familiar judgey glances, or navigating the high and mighty?

Or perhaps fretted over an invisible rule book, dictating how to act, what to say, and who to be?


If any of that sounds all too familiar, then breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve just found your tribe with my Woman Unleashed retreats!

"No judgements, just joy!"

In the experiences I’ve created, judgments are left at the door. We welcome you with open arms - literally, a big welcome hug will be waiting at the door for you (unless you’re not a hugger, personal space is highly respected!) – We welcome the real you, the beautiful soul that you are, deep at your core, the one you may have been holding back on, or only let out with a select few.


Woman Unleashed retreats are designed to feel like a warm embrace from a group of best friends you’ve always longed for but never knew you had.

There’s no room for strict rules or rigid regimes here. Instead, on offer is a sanctuary where you’re encouraged to be heard, held, and seen. A place where the facets of you that have been quietly tucked away or are eagerly waiting to shine are celebrated and nurtured.

My ethos of equality and friendship has turned first-time guests into lifelong members of our unfolding story, that gladly come back for retreats time and time again.

And yes, while there’s profound, sacred work to be embarked upon, who says it can’t be enveloped in laughter and light-heartedness? Gear up for an experience that’s as fun as it is transformative, blending artistry, self-connection, and sacred ceremony into an unforgettable journey.

This retreat promises not just moments but a metamorphosis that will touch your soul and change you for the better.

So, let go of any hesitations. Prepare to be part of something truly special – an experience that’s not just remembered but creates a ripple effect throughout your life, empowering and inspiring you to unfold in the most beautiful ways.

Welcome to Woman Unleashed, where every moment is an invitation to explore, elevate, and truly embrace the essence of who you are!

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The Details

Join me for a soul nourishing

3 night retreat

Friday 4th - Monday 7th October 2024

at Merkabah Retreat, Dorset.

The Venue

Our venue for this beautiful experience is Merkabah Retreat, Winterbourne Houghton, Dorset.

Nestled in the countryside, the venue is set on beautiful grounds looking out the countryside and with access to woodland. The property itself boasts an indoor spa, inclusive of a heated pool and infrared sauna, as well as an outdoor hot tub, a gorgeous purpose built yoga shala, large fire pit, meditation tent and more!

Each room in the house is beautifully decorated to provide an indulgent feel of comfort and oppoluence.

During the retreat, guests have exclusive private use of the facilities.

We will also have a private caterer for the weekend - I'm pleased to say we have booked the incredible A Board by Rozi, who will be providing a selection of deliciously nutritious food and meals for our retreat!

Friday evening you will be graciously welcomed into the space, guided to your room, where a handpicked gift bag will be waiting for you. Take some time to put your feet up after your journey to the location and sink in, familiarising yourself with your own little haven for the weekend, before being collectively welcomed into sacred space with the women you will be sharing the weekend with.

The evening will lead in to a casual dinner in-house, where you can begin to form bonds with, or reunite with, the ladies present, while enjoying some delicious food and great company.

Following on from the evening meal, you are welcome to retreat to your room and take dedicated time for you, or relax in one of the communal areas, perhaps grabbing a blanket to relax, read a book or to connect and chat further with the other ladies.

Arrival Evening


Saturday morning, awaken to the sweet sound of the countryside. Perhaps take a morning swim in the private indoor pool,  enjoy a spot of yoga or meditation if it's part of your daily practise, or fully awaken with a tea or coffee on the garden patio.

A continental breakfast selection of fruits, cereals, pastries and breads will be laid out to choose from and enjoy together as a group to kick start our day together.

From there, the group will gather in the shala, to join in circle for my signature Woman Unleashed workshop - a workshop curated to support you in feeling heard, held and healed, facilitating space for you to share your voice, free from judgement, supported fully and unconditionally. Gifting opportunity to connect deep within, remembering your true self and reuniting you with your divinity, invoking the goddess within, enjoying intentional movement, meditation, healing and awakening.

A light lunch will follow.

After lunch you will have free time to retreat to your private space, remain in communal areas, or explore the grounds and facilities. Taking this time to decompress and let your workshop experience sink in and percolate further. The late afternoon will make way for a Soul HeARTed Sacred Creativity workshop, where you will be guided to create a powerful, energy infused memento to take home with you - this time an 8x20 inch crystal embellished painting, in my signature abstract landscape style.

Following the workshop you will have more free time to unwind, or take space for yourself, before our evening meal.

Following on from the evening meal, the opportunity is open to join Laura in the shala for a group healing and relaxation session. You are welcome to retreat to your room and receive distance healing if you prefer.


Awaken from a great night's sleep and get yourself ready for the day ahead, starting with a continental breakfast selection, before heading in to the meditation tent for a guided meditation and visualisation session.

Sunday's plans include a guided meditation session, a fire & drumming ceremony, gentle guided movement session, a nature walk, and group time in the on-site spa facilities. 

Evening meal included.


For the final time, we'll gather as a group for breakfast, before a beautiful gratitude presentation to each women for her presence. Fond farewells will follow and you are welcome to head off on your way.

The retreat will draw to an official close.

This schedule is subject to slight change.


Feedback from ladies who have previously attended retreats with me

"A beautiful sense of belonging with like minded wonderful people all of whom shaped the experience for me and allowed me the space to find my true self."

"This was a life changing experience for me and I feel absolutely amazing now! Can't wait to do more."

"I love your retreats Laura, the best I’ve ever been on!"

"Being with other women who I hadn’t met before was enriching and we revelled in each other’s transformations. I came home feeling completely blessed!"

"It was worth every penny I paid & for what it gave me, it's wo
rth a lot more."

"I felt nervous to share a room with strangers I'd never met, but it was so enriching and really added to my experience. I felt like I could just be me, without any judgement. I
enjoyed our morning chats, and will forever cherish the connections we made."

"I have gained 6 soul sisters for life :) The friendships and connections I have made will forever stay with me."

"The retreat was well organised, well thought out and great value for money. There was so much of Laura in the retreat, which I loved. Her positive energy, her care, her creativity and her healing . It was truly an unique, bespoke beautiful experience. The unexpected part for me is the deep connection I feel with the other ladies on the retreat. At the start, all of which were strangers and two days later each one will forever have a place in my heart. Those who cry together stay together, whether it be happy tears or tears of release, this has forged a beautiful bond between us. The weekend has left me lighter, sleeping better, happier, balanced, a better mum, wife and friend and deeply healed and supported. I have found my tru
e self and I'm never letting her go. Thank you Laura!"

"For me the whole weekend was perfect, it has given me so much that I didn't even know I needed."

"It made me listen to my inner thoughts, proving I’m on the right path for me. It gave me the confidence to work on myself and enjoy the spiritual journey I’m on."

"This was exactly what I needed. Glastonbury now has a special place in my heart, as do the women I shared the weekend with.  I came to the retreat feeling broken and beat down by life, but I left feeling so seen and loved. I now know that I am worthy and capable to live my own life, letting go of the people that for so long made me feel inadequate. Thank you so much Laura for facilitating this beautiful weekend. I feel like I finally know who I am, and I have the confidence to walk my future path."


Choose Your Room

Pricing is inclusive of accommodation, meals & activities. 

Payment Plans Available.

**Pay in full bookings will receive a BONUS GIFT 30 minute 1-1 online guidance session**



chocolate Room


This room, inspired by sacred cacao, has capacity to be a triple single shared room,

or a superking private room.

Situated upstairs, with a private en-suite shower room.

Available as three person shared room, or upgrade to private single occupancy.


Energy Exchange

This the per person shared room rate, in full or per month


Paid In Full

+ PIF Bonus Gift Each = 30 Minute 1-1 Session

(via Zoom on a date prior to the retreat)


| 5 Month Plan |



indian garden Room


This opulent room with stunning views over the garden and countryside, has capacity to be a twin single shared room, or a superking private room.

Situated on the ground floor, with a private en-suite shower room.

Available as two person shared room, or upgrade to private single occupancy.


Energy Exchange

This the per person shared room rate, in full or per month


Paid In Full

+ PIF Bonus Gift = 30 Minute 1-1 Session

(via Zoom)

| 5 Month Plan |



bird Room

**FULLY booked**

This fresh and light room, has capacity to be a twin single shared room, or a superking private room.

Situated on the first floor, with a private en-suite shower-over-bath room.

Available as two person shared room, or upgrade to private single occupancy.


Energy Exchange

This the per person shared room rate, in full or per month


Paid In Full

+ PIF Bonus Gift = 30 Minute 1-1 Session

(via Zoom)


| 6 Month Plan |



blue Room



This airy, calming room, has capacity to be a twin single shared room, or a superking private room.

Situated on the first floor, with a private en-suite shower room.

Available as two person shared room, or upgrade to private single occupancy.


Energy Exchange

This the per person shared room rate, in full or per month


Paid In Full

+ PIF Bonus Gift = 30 Minute 1-1 Session

(via Zoom)


| 6 Month Plan |



little india Room


This charming cosy sized room, only has capacity for single occupancy in a double bed.

Situated on the first floor, it has access to a shared bathroom, boasting double sinks, a large shower and a double sized bath.


Energy Exchange

Single occupancy room


Paid In Full

+ PIF Bonus Gift = 30 Minute 1-1 Session

(via Zoom)

| 6 Month Plan |


What IS Included

- 3 Nights accommodation*
- Meals & Refreshments
- Activities & Materials
- Spa Facility Access
- Personal Gift Bag

*3 Nights accommodation - Friday 4th, Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October 2024 only.

*Meals & Refreshments - Includes Friday evening meal, Saturday breakfast, lunch & evening meal, Sunday breakfast, lunch & evening meal, and Monday morning breakfast only. Snacks and hot & soft drinks at the accommodation will also be available.


What IS not Included

- Additional Accommodation
- Travel to and from the venue
- 1
-1 sessions with Laura
- Travel Insurance
-Spa Treatments

If you wish to stay in the area either side of the dates of the retreat, this is your responsibility and at your own expense.

You are wholly responsible for arranging your own travel to and from the retreat venue.

You are responsible for arranging any required insurance. See T's & C's for more.

Yoga mats, blankets and all materials required for the workshops will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own mat and blanket. 

Food allergies and preferences will be taken into consideration.

Sacred Sisterhood

Although self discovery & falling back in love with yourself as an individual are key aspects of each retreat, the part that I truly revel in is facilitating the space to witness women coming together in circle, supporting one another in safe and sacred space, and then nurturing those connections moving forward. So many of us carry deep wounds, where either in this lifetime, past or in our ancestral lineage, we have been scorned or hurt by another woman, either by her words or actions, creating deep set sister/witch wounds. These retreats facilitate safe space to explore unconditional sisterhood connections, giving space to be truly seen and heard among other women, and hold that space for them in return. This work is so necessary to us as we evolve into more awakened beings, it is the medicine that aids us in soothing, healing and letting go of sister wounds, thus creating space to welcome in incomparable soul sister connections - embracing a true Anam Cara (Soul Friend).

Retreat Sign Up Bonus

To reinforce to sense of sacred sisterhood and collective support, each woman that signs up to attend a retreat gets BONUS access to my Soul Circle Membership, completely free, from the date you book, until the month following the retreat date. You get full member access and benefits. After your free access you are welcome to remain and join as a paying member, although there is no obligation to do so.

If you are already a paying member, when you sign up to the retreat, your regular payments will be paused until the month after the retreat date.

Terms & Conditions Policy Anyone signing up to attend a retreat will be liable to pay the total amount by the individual date stated for each event, there will be no extensions to the payment deadline and full payment will be due. If you are signing up to a split payment option, your payments will automatically be taken on the same date each month for the duration of your plan, again full payment must be received by the above payment deadline.  Retreat Refund Policy: If for any reason you are unable to attend the retreat after paying any monies, and are able to give appropriate notice, a refund will only be offered if someone else can take and pay for your space with at least 6 weeks' notice before the date of the retreat (4 weeks in the case of "day retreats"). If the space cannot be filled, unfortunately you will forfeit any monies paid. If you do not attend the retreat with less than 6 weeks notice, for any reason, regardless of any monies paid, you will not be liable for a refund, in part or in full. If you are a "no show" you will not be liable for a refund and may be refused to book future events and services. If you have chosen to attend with a payment plan option, not adhering to the above terms will mean you are still liable to continue any future payments. Not attending the retreat, once booked, does not entitle you to any offers of "goodwill". If you feel that there may be any reason in future you may not be able to attend once booking, I would strongly advise to take out single-trip travel insurance to cover any potential losses. While our activities and excursions are mentioned, depending on access and other variables, this may change slightly, but you will be informed of any changes, this will not jeopardise the experience as a whole.  While on the retreat, you will be solely responsible for your own belongings, I cannot accept any liability for any damage or losses. Any damages or losses incurred by Anuveya as a result of your actions or behaviour will hold you liable. It is worth noting that while Anuveya has Public Liability insurance, it is still your responsibility to act accordingly while attending retreats. Any untoward behaviour, towards Anuveya founder Laura Anne Renwick, towards another guest, or towards a member of the public may result in you being asked to leave the event without prior warning, and without any form of reimbursement. If for any reason you leave during the retreat, unfortunately you will not be liable to receive any reimbursement, in full or in part. Retreats are referred to as all inclusive, however this does NOT include transport to and from your home location. Appropriate transport to and from the location is the sole responsibility of the person booking. Please ensure appropriate transport is arranged in advance of the retreat date. Nor does this include any additional accommodation, meals, refreshments, or travel, other than that stipulated in information in regards to the retreat.  In joining a retreat experience, you are automatically consenting to photographs of our retreat (no sensitive photographs) being taken and shared on social media, unless you have explicitly expressed that you are not happy for this to happen.  Please be aware that retreat experiences involve both spiritual and emotional work and may evoke deep emotions, memories or triggering thoughts. Please only attend a retreat if you feel that you are emotionally and mentally stable enough, to both travel to and from the location, and to partake in the experience as a whole. If you have a diagnosis of any mental health issues or conditions, I would strongly recommend that you visit a doctor to get clearance to attend a retreat as I am not medically qualified to assist or treat any mental health issues or conditions. This is your responsibility, I, Laura Renwick of Anuveya, cannot be accountable for any medically related or impacted discretion or decisions. Please ensure that you make me aware of any allergies, dietary requirements, relevant (mental or physical) health conditions or any other information that will need to be taken into consideration to ensure your safety and comfort. Privacy Policy - All information will be held in compliance with GDPR policies. Your information will not be shared with any third parties, unless it is required for a legal matter, or concern for danger to yourself or another member of the public. Basic customer information such as name, email and phone number may be stored for contact and bookkeeping purposes. Any sensitive payment information will not be held on record and will be destroyed after initial use if personally given. It is understood that all customer details and any information or topics discussed are strictly confidential and that our clients are given the utmost discretion at all times. Your payment information will not be processed by Anuveya, and so Anuveya will not have access to any sensitive payment information. Stripe or PayPal will handle and process payments in accordance with their own policies.

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