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Are you woman who is at the top of your game, desiring a day of creative abundance and holistic indulgence? 

Then this is the perfect one-to-one retreat day for you!

You’re a woman who’s been conquering every challenge thrown your way.

You're a powerhouse, achieving, thriving, and breaking barriers, revelling in your success.


Yet, amidst all the triumphs and success, there's a part of you yearning for a safe haven to unwind, to let your guard down, to be seen and appreciated simply as you are, to be the vulnerable version of yourself without judgement or fear of keeping up appearances. To indulge in a way that doesn't feel only aligned with a socially acceptable facade of "success", but to indulge in a way that really feeds your soul. 

I invite you to my 1-1 VIP Retreat Day experience!

A personal retreat experience designed and tailored precisely for you.

In the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, at my art studio - overlooked by a working windmill, rolling hills and scenic fields, you will find a place to breathe and reconnect not only with nature, but with yourself. A day where you can let your inner child out to play, make a beautiful mess, indulge your inner goddess and explore without the weight of expectation.


The Juicy Details

We’ll start with my Astro Colour Theory System, looking at your Sun sign so you can discover your colour grid, offering you unique insights and tangible guidance you can implement right away. Alongside your grid, you'll have cards pulled to give you a soul guidance reading. 
You'll also get an extra gift from me in the form of a digital PDF file where you can explore the basics of the Astro Colour Theory System, including top tips on how to enhance your connection.

Imagine letting lose to create your own painting, adorned with genuine crystals, each stroke infused with your intentions and dreams.

You may not feel like you're creative enough, or perhaps you really are but you just haven't had the chance, space or time to get back into it. My art studio offers the perfect opportunity and space, where you're invited to play, explore  - and making a mess IS okay!

Rather than a perfect picture, you'll be guided through movement and self expression to create an abstract piece that represents your joy and ambition, infused with your intentions,


then you get to add the SPARKLES!

Choose from my selection of genuine crystal chips to embellish your painting, before you are guided in sacred ceremony to bless your artwork, and infuse with the energy of the day so you can take home a visual representation of the alchemy you've experienced.

You’ll also receive a special commissioned-style painting from me!


The piece will be created on the day, crafted with your Astro Colour information, needs and goals in mind, as well as a visual representation of your personal energy, embellished with crystals and infused with deep healing that will support you long after our day together.

You either have the option to take both paintings home with you on the same day, or you can wait until they are dry and set so they can be posted to you and you can have the full unboxing experience!

Holistic Healing & Relaxation

Be invited onto the treatment bed and sink into a relaxing holistic healing session for your mind, body, and soul, creating opportunity for you to release any tension, clear any blocks, and to relax & recharge.


The type of healing and modalities implemented will vary and be bespoke to what YOU need.

This will be discussed prior to the date of your retreat.

Options may include, but are not limited to - intuitive healing, chakra balancing, selenite energy-field massage, channelled healing with the spirit guides, chakra hand massage, colour healing and light language codes.

(Reiki is not a modality I use)


And because every queen deserves a feast...


We’ll enjoy a delicious country-pub lunch together. No business or agenda's, just great food complimented by heartfelt conversations, woman to woman.

The Swan Inn is just a very short 2 minute walk from the studio, is highly recommended and serves a fantastic menu. 

Making the most of the location


If the weather blesses us with sunshine, we’ll venture outside for a grounding mindful walk around the stunning surrounding area immersed in nature, taking in lots of fresh air and facilitating space for conversation, contemplation and inspiration (and lots of photo ops!).

The studio is situated on a working farm in Wilton, Wiltshire, SN8 3SP.

This day isn’t about business at all,

there’s no talk of strategy, numbers, messaging or sales.


Though you’ll leave feeling recharged, relaxed, and inspired, with your creativity unlocked, able to carry this energy and experience forward into all aspects of your life, confidently crafting those elements within your business that you’ve been longing to elevate, able to use that unleashed and awakened skill.

This day is all about YOU—beyond the roles and titles you carry. Indulge yourself, gift yourself this unique opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate. Rather than another spa day or shopping spree, treat yourself to a transformative experience for the woman who knows her worth and deserves it all.


You are worth it, and this unique retreat day experience is here to remind you of that!

Treat yourself to a day you know you deserve!

Introductory Offer


Split payments available.

Dates are flexible and will be arranged to suit your schedule.

Lunch and refreshments, all materials for artwork and activities are included.

Does NOT include travel or overnight accommodation.

If you are staying in the area overnight I am happy to give recommendations.

Bookings by request only.


Your Day at a Glance

  • Astro Colour Theory System: Gain unique insights and tangible guidance through my Astro Colour Theory System.

  • Create Your Own Oil Painting: Craft your own oil painting, adorned with genuine crystals, infused with your intentions and dreams.

  • Special Commissioned Painting: Receive a custom painting created with your Astro Colour information, offering deep healing and long-term support.

  • Tailored Healing Session: Experience a personalized healing session for your mind, body, and soul to release tension and clear blocks.

  • Delicious Country-Pub Lunch: Enjoy a hearty country-pub lunch with heartfelt conversations and great food.

  • Grounding Mindful Walk: Take a refreshing walk in nature, grounding and connecting with the beautiful surroundings.

A Day About YOU

  • No business talk—focus entirely on yourself.

  • Leave feeling recharged, relaxed, inspired, and creatively unlocked.

  • Elevate your wellbeing to echo out through your business and personal.

Indulge Yourself

  • Embrace a day dedicated to you, beyond your roles, titles and responsibilities.

  • Gift yourself this unique opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate.

  • Experience a transformative personal retreat designed for the woman who knows her worth and deserves it all.

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