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Woman Unleashed

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Join the Woman Unleashed revolution!

The Woman Unleashed experience not only leads you through sacred time and space, but connects you and other women in a beautifully safe and  loving space. Gifting opportunity to deeply share with and be held by a group of women in sacred circle, as we move through a specially curated workshop, each one slightly different, but with the same ultimate goal of inner discovery, self love & empowerment, sacred sisterhood and a chance for you to release and receive whatever it is that your body and Soul craves!

A workshop will typically involve:

-Water Blessing-

This blessing will start off our circle. A candle surrounded by water will be placed in the middle of our workshop altar. Through Woman Unleashed circles, we work with fiery sacral energy, and so bringing in the water element serves as a balance, a welcome boundary and a wonderful blessing to set the tone. A blessing (written by myself) will be read, then each woman will be welcomed to set an intention for the session, then have the opportunity to sprinkle a mix of dried flowers and herbs into the water to put her essence and intention into our circle.

-A Sharing Circle-

Time and space for each woman to share, as she is heard, held and witness in whatever is is that she wishes to share. This is a non-judgemental, supportive space, where there is no unsolicited council or advice, simply and beautifully space to be heard and seen in your truest form. We will utilise a "talking stone", a palm stone crystal, that when held you have uninterrupted space to talk and be heard. 



A meditation, relevant to the theme or energy of the workshop will be gifted. This will be a channelled meditation, no scripts. This will guide you through a visual within a meditative state, and also offer time to independently meditate, before being welcomed back to your physical self.


Time and space for each woman to share, as she is heard, held and witness in whatever is is that she wishes to share. This is a non-judgemental, supportive space, where there is no unsolicited council or advice, simply and beautifully space to be heard and seen in your truest form.

-Sacred Creativity-

Materials (usually chalk pastels) will be provided, for you to create a visual of your meditation experience. Or, dependant on the theme of the session, to create a visual of a particular essence, energy, deity, guide, etc.


Following on from your meditation and/or creative experience, you will have time to journal and write your experience, channelled messages, ideas, or anything else that moves through. You will not be required to share this, unless you specifically would like to.

-Free Flow Movement-

As much as the "higher connection" is a part of this work, I feel it is important to maintain a mind-body connection. Also to explore our bodies movement and energy, to release, liberate, expand, illuminate and awaken, working to promote a movement of energy through the body, to bring you to full bodied awareness, and to empower through movement - shedding beliefs and pressures of judgement, self-consciousness, and to embrace all that you are. 

-Sacred Ceremony-

Dependant on the theme and essence of the session, a ceremony or ritual will be held, this may include Cord Cutting, Invocation of element, deities, guides, Spell Ritual, Group Healing experience, etc.

-Take Home Creation-

This may vary, from creating your own essential oil rollerball, to a smudge stick or spell jar.

This will boost your experience and gift you a creation that will harness the energy of the session and continue to boost your experience, even after the session. 

-Soul Stories-

You will be gifted a reading of one of my channelled Soul stories, a sacred transmission, to awaken, uplift and inspire.

This will be dependant on the theme and essence of the session.

You will also have the gift of an "Earth Heart Honouring" with a printed version to take home with you.

-Inner SHE-

You will listen to a beautifully channeled recording of my "Inner SHE" transmission, while having a mirror to look into your own eyes, to restore and awaken a sense of self love and appreciation, to fall back in love with yourself, to really see the beautiful woman you truly are. This is a very evocative and emotional experience, yet very powerful.

Sessions are subject to vary, depending on location, energy, theme and any specific requirements, however the above is a general outline for a Woman Unleashed workshop.

The workshop will last between 2-3 hours (dependant on each individual session)


How to experience a
Woman Unleashed Workshop

There are various way you can experience a Woman Unleashed workshop, including:

A Woman Unleashed Retreat experience:-

Including day retreats or all inclusive multiple day/overnight retreats.

Multiple day retreats are inclusive of accommodation, meals, excursion and activities.

You just have to get yourself there, leave the rest to me!

Day retreats include refreshments, lunch and any activities/excursions.

(Accommodation is NOT included)

Locations include:


Glastonbury Town

Other locations to be added

Energy Exchange varies per retreat, dependant on location & excursions






A Woman Unleashed 3 Hour Workshop:-

This will be offered in a "pop-up" format at various locations on particular dates. 

Inclusive of light refreshments.

See below for upcoming dates and locations.

Next Date TBC

Energy Exchange - £55 per workshop



Corporate Woman Unleashed Workshop:-

A 3 hour workshop, including an interval.

Great for team building, supporting and aiding staff/client wellbeing, or a great workforce incentive opportunity.

This option is tailored to requirements and so will be priced on an individual project basis, depending on requirements, numbers, location and further details that can be discussed.

The energy exchange for this experience is:

Price on Request

Please send your enquiries to


A Private Woman Unleashed Workshop:-

Let me bring the experience to you! This can be at a home location or a hired space.

A 3 hour workshop, including an interval.

The location and space is your responsibility, as are any refreshments for guests. 

Please ensure ample space for a central altar, yoga mats, and space for movement.

I will supply all materials required for the Woman Unleashed session - including yoga mats and blankets.

Enjoy a sacred circle and workshop with the special women in your life, to form a deeper and sacred bond with one another.

Minimum of 4 guests - Maximum of 8 guests

Each guest will receive a gift bag.

The energy exchange for this experience is:


This exchange is regardless of numbers, so the more guests, the less per person.

(Depending on location, there may be an additional fuel/travel charge)

To enquire about a private workshop, complete the form below:


If you have trouble viewing the below form, or are viewing this page from a mobile device,

please click this link to access the form

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