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"She is Here"

This Soul Musing is for the woman who has felt caged and stuck, and is awaiting solace and to be set free. To feel a sense of freedom and unbinding.


" this moment. In the golden rays of the sun, she takes a pause. She has walked far through many an obstacle, but she is here."

"They told her that she would never be. They told her that she was unworthy. And for so long, she believed it."

"She is here. She is free. She is unbroken. She is unbound. She is aligned."



It is important that the Soul Musings are treated with the reverence and respect that they were created with, so it is essential to create sacred time and space to listen in and truly bond with the words within. I'd recommend a quiet comfortable space, where you can relax. Cleanse the space with light, sound, sage or oils. Set the intention to receive deeply and intentionally, to take all for your highest good and to release all that is no longer of service to you on your Soul journey.

In listening to this audio, you are creating more than just a moment in time, but a pivotal moment in your own personal journey, to hear the words spoken to you, to allow them to touch your Soul, awaken the person within and to create a ripple effect from that moment on, inspiring you to embrace and become who you came here to be.

She Is Here

  • The audio file consists of spoken word, channelled and written by Laura Anne Renwick. The file is for personal use only and is not permitted for resale or public usage.

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