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What Am I??

What. am. I?! Am I a witch, a druid, clairvoyant, psychic, medium, pagan, wiccan, Gypsy, hippy, ayurvedist...the list could go on. And which one am I?

Personally I do not slot myself into a "category". I am many things, however I am also not many other things, not a druid, nor a "witch", although some would disagree! I do not follow a particular religion or system. I am not a Gypsy, however I can trace recent family lines back to Gypsies.

I am a psychic, an empath, I am a Medium, I am a Clairvoyant...and Clairsentient, a Clairaudient, a Clairalient, a Claircognizant - all of the Clairs really! (I will talk about the Clairs in a later post)..I am a child of the Universe, on my own journey, open to receive and share information. I am all of those and more! I do not slot myself into a box. I am ME, and to be honest - that feels like a category in itself. I have many talents and skills, but also many flaws and struggles. The trick is to realise all of this and create something that embraces and accepts it all!

This is where it hit me and I decided "to hell with what people think!". I ditched the standard, and sometimes conservative look, wore more of the funky patterned clothes I love, curious accessories, dyed my hair bright orange (yes, I'm not a natural red, I'm actually a natural blonde!), became more open about my interest and skills in the spiritual, holistic and, as others say, "woo-woo" side of things. It wasn't me learning more or becoming something different, but It was me openly displaying and sharing what I already knew and what I already was, what I am! Yes, I can often be referred to as weird, but I take that as a compliment! Weird is good, who wants to blend in anyway?! And I must say, despite me being somebody who doesn't necessarily fit the ideals of general society, in the past few years I have never felt so accepted, been more complimented, felt at ease with myself, and most importantly don't give a damn what other people think!

I am free to be me, without having to fit into a box.

Ultimately, my message I want YOU to take away from reading this blog post is not to be afraid of who you are, we can spend our lives trying to please other people, and there is always going to be at least one person we can never please, so why not please ourselves by embracing who we are, openly being what we are, and if someone doesn't like it, then at least you know you have still been your true authentic self, and for every one negative person who disagree's, or has bad things to say, I guarantee you there will be at least another 10 who will love, welcome and embrace you as you are. BE YOURSELF, LOVE WHO YOU ARE, YOU ARE AMAZING!

If we were all the same then the world would be a boring place!

Love & Gratitude,

Laura xx

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