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Inverness/Loch Ness Retreat
19-22 August 2022


The life changing retreat

for women who are caught up in the daily grind, stuck in the feeling of having to do and be everything to everyone else, the mum's, partners, daughters, single women, that feel like they have to behave a certain way, to fit an ever changing mould. Feeling compelled to score within a constantly moving goal post. The women who are always doing and doing, but never really getting anywhere, living a life that they are exhausted from. The women who are burnt out from caring for everyone else, they just wanted to be cared for themself, they want someone else to cook, to organise, to make the plans, to take care of all the things, to take the damn picture!!! To let go of all responsibility, even just for a few days, and relax and enrich their mind, body and Soul!

The women who are done with mediocre and are ready to accept real change, positivity and uplevelling into their life.

To let go of the negative words spoken to her by her mother, father, her ex, her current partner, her boss, teacher, anyone who told her she would never do the thing!...

Is this YOU?

This is your opportunity to shed the limiting beliefs and life stories that have squashed you down and kept you small. To have the dedicated time for you, no expectation or pressure. To discover the REAL you, to nurture her, love her and embrace her. To leave this retreat ever changed, with the mindset and ability to carve out the life that you desire and deserve!

Not just to get away from it all to then return back to a shit show, but to shift within yourself, so when you do come back to your reality, you will have the mindset, tools, inspiration and motivation to create the life that is aligned with your true self.

To really become a


Join us and spend Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday, and Monday morning together in a sacred bond of sisterhood, not only connecting with each other, but connecting deeper with ourselves.

Truly coming home to you, the you that you have perhaps been afraid to be, the one that you may have been told is not good enough, is maybe "too much", the version of yourself that you have shrunk and held back for fear of not fitting in, or being shunned and talked about.

This weekend will serve as a divine catalyst to awaken you into a new way of being, to reset your mindset, to show you the benefits of dedicating time and energy to yourself, to uncover the woman you really are, and to hold you in a space where you can fall in love with Her.

The women on my retreats have such a potent and profound experience of self love and discovery, while not only connecting more with their spiritual self, but recognising who they are and how much love they really do deserve.


The weekend will be host to:

Morning meditation sessions

A life changing Woman Unleashed Workshop

Group healing & relaxation

Holding circle and sharing sacred space

Jacobite cruise on Loch Ness, with a view of Urquhart Castle

Sacred water ceremony at Dores, on the shore of Loch Ness

Tour of Boleskin House - previously home to Aleister Crowley and Jimmy Page

Exploring Falls of Foyers, incredible waterfalls alongside Loch Ness

Walk around the grounds of Cawdor Castle

Pit stop at Clava Cairns

Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the weekend all included.

Our Saturday evening meal will be at a gorgeous riverside restaurant in Inverness city centre.

We will be staying at The Linn, a gorgeous residential space set within almost 2 acres of land with gorgeous gardens, but close enough to the city centre and amenities.

"The Linn is a comfortable and luxurious home sleeping up to 13 in Inverness, 2 miles from the City Centre. Enjoy the peaceful setting within 1.7 tranquil acres, with paths winding through the established wooded grounds featuring many unusual species of trees, and a stream meandering through the bottom of the garden. This Glorious space has large secluded lawns and sheltered patio areas provide extra seclusion. Garden and Farmland surrounds this lovely property, a perfect highland setting to see wildlife, which also benefits from fabulous light at all times of day." - Air BnB listing


We will have exclusive use of the WHOLE house and gardens.


There is the option to have a private double or queen room to yourself, or to share a twin or triple room with other guests.

This is all inclusive!

All you need is arrange and pay for your own transport to get there and to bring any spending money for any goodies that take your fancy while you're there!


Retreat Dates:
19-22 August 2022
There are ONLY 8 spaces in total available for this retreat!

The total investment is dependant on the type of room you would like to stay in:



Private Queen Room 

with direct garden access

Added luxury & gift

1-1 healing & oracle session

1 occupant per room

(1 room available)



Private Queen Room

1 occupant per room

(2 rooms available)




Private Double Bed Room

1 occupant per room

(1 available)




Shared Twin Room

2 occupants

(2 beds available)




If you are not already a Soul Circle member, you will have a BONUS of full member access, (Usually £33 PER MONTH), to our Soul Circle until September 2022.



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