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1-1 Guided Intuitive Journeys

If you've ever felt like a guided meditation didn't really work for you or it didn't hit the spot quite as you hoped it would, or - if you just want a deeper, more personal experience, then a 1-1 guided intuitive journey is for you!

Set aside dedicated time for you, and really for YOU, with a channelled intuitive journey all to yourself! A personal, meditative experience, where you can really sink and receive and achieve the results and goals you have for yourself...

Perhaps you just want to make yourself a priority and have some time to relax.

Or maybe you want to explore your intuition deeper, to see what wonders await you.

Connect with a spirit guide, a past life or gift some love to your inner child.

The Experience Includes:

A pre-session form for you to complete, to gage your needs so I can ensure the session is completely tailored to you for maximum results.

A live 1-1 session via Zoom for your chosen journey.

A guided meditative journey, inclusive of time and space to explore on your own within your journey.

During that time I will send distance healing, intuitively, working with my spirit guides, as well as calling in your own too. The journey itself will include elements of colour therapy, as well as relevant aspects of energy healing/release. 

Time for you to journal.

Safely held space to discuss your experience.

An audio recording of the session for you to revisit anytime.

**Introductory Pricing**

In-Depth Guided Journey

90 minute journey


Exchange from April 2023


Mini Guided Journey

45 minute journey


Not quite the right fit?.....

If this experience doesn't feel right for you yet, you can join my Soul Circle membership for just £33 per month.

In the Soul Circle we gather online twice a month, circling and journeying together, as well as having access to my entire meditation library, workshops, monthly guidance, incredible guest expert sessions, and much more!

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