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Glastonbury Retreat
22-25th March 2024


The life changing, soul awakening retreat!

The Woman Unleashed 'Return to Avalon' retreat is back for the 3rd year running.

Enjoy 3 blissful nights enveloped in the heart chakra of the world.


A soul nourishing retreat, that will welcome you beautifully as you are, but leave you feeling forever changed in the best possible ways - awakening a deeper sense of confidence and self belief, being reminded that you ARE worthy of love, time and opportunity, and empowering and unleashing the incredible woman within.


The experience will support you to move forward, feeling replenished from some dedicated YOU time, as well as taking with you the wonderful Soul sister bonds you've made with the others, but most importantly, you will feel awakened, motivated and inspired to DO THE THING, to take the first or next step into whatever you're holding back on or waiting for. With a new found, or elevated, sense of direction, awareness and healing, you'll feel like you're back in control of your own life again.

To really become a


Join us for 3 nights and spend Friday evening, all day Saturday, all day Sunday and Monday morning, together in a sacred bond of sisterhood, not only connecting with each other, but connecting deeper with ourselves.

Truly coming home to you, the you that you have perhaps been afraid to be, the one that you may have been told is not good enough, is maybe "too much", the version of yourself that you have shrunk and held back for fear of not fitting in, or being shunned and talked about.


This weekend will serve as a divine catalyst to awaken you into a new way of being, to reset your mindset, to show you the benefits of dedicating time and energy to yourself, to uncover the woman you really are, and to hold you in a space where you can fall in love with Her.

The women on my retreats have such a potent and profound experience of self love and discovery, while not only connecting more with their spiritual self, but recognising who they are and how much love they really do deserve.


Glastonbury Woman Unleashed Retreat 10th - 12th March 2023

Friday 5pm onwards. All Day Saturday, All day Sunday, and Monday morning until 10am

Including accomodation, meals*, excursions & all workshop materials.

A full itinerary will be released to those signed up so you have a break down of what we are doing each day, along with a list of anything you will need to bring with you.  

The Friday evening you will be welcomed in, shown to your room and gifted with a welcome pack.

You will have time to get ready, freshen up and mingle with the other Soul Circle sisters, before we head out for an evening meal at 7.30pm.  



We will be staying at the wonderful Healing Waters Retreat. 

A gorgeous retreat space, inclusive of accommodation a yurt for holding circle, workshops, etc., usage of a meditation room as well as wonderful gardens and land, inclusive of a sacred water spring in the garden, with stunning views from the house of Glastonbury Tor and the Somerset levels! 


"Healing Waters Sanctuary is an Interfaith Spiritual Retreat Centre and B&B that embodies the qualities of Love and Compassion. We are situated on the Sacred Site of Wearyhall Hill and the Saint Michael Ley Line. The powerful energy pervading this beautiful house and the stunning views of Glastonbury Tor and the Somerset Levels make it an immediate choice for anyone wanting to heal themselves or experience a powerful spiritual transformation." - Healing Waters website 

We will have use of the WHOLE house and space - one of the bathrooms has a Chromotherapy whirlpool bath!

There is a wooden deck to sit that overlooks the garden and Somerset levels afar. 

There will be room sharing (unless of course you upgrade to a private room), however this will be planned and discussed prior to the weekend so you can feel comfortable with your roomie/s before we arrive, or you can book a shared room with a friend.  


We will be deepening our connection with one another over the weekend, so this sharing of space will add to the essence of the weekend. In fact it is has been a highlight for women who have previously attended retreats with me.



(It is strongly recommended that we keep this an alcohol free weekend)

Fruit for snacking, and tea & coffee will be available to help yourself to throughout the weekend. You are welcome to bring your own snacks, although please note, the accommodation politely request that no meat products are consumed on the premises.

Friday Evening

This will be a casual 2 course meal, at 'Who'd A Thought It'. (Fantastic and delicious pub style food)

A great opportunity to get to know the women you are sharing the weekend with!


Breakfast is a continental style self-serve breakfast at our accommodation space.

Lunch will be cafe light bites such a soups, sandwiches, jacket potato, etc.

Dinner is a 3 course meal at the brilliantly authentic Italian 'Gigi's' with shared starters, followed by a main and dessert.



Breakfast is a continental style self-serve breakfast at our accommodation space.

Lunch is a picnic style take-away from Rainbows End (vegetarian & vegan) Cafe to be eaten in the Chalice Well Gardens.

Dinner for this evening is optional, and so not included in the cost of your experience. You are welcome to either stay at the accommodation, make your own dinner plans, or join any group members heading out for dinner, this will be at your own expense. 


Monday Morning

Breakfast is a continental style self-serve breakfast at our accommodation space.


During our time in Glastonbury, we will visit various sacred sites, including:

Chalice Well & Gardens

The White Spring Sacred Baths

Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Tor (You are welcome to walk to the top, but don't feel you must)

St Margarets Chapel & Magdalene Almshouses



Sister Circle - sacred ceremony, intention setting, sharing & holding space

Woman Unleashed workshop

Goddess Temple Private Group Session

Group Healing & Evening Relaxation

(All required materials for these activities will be supplied - with the exception of Journals. You will receive a list of items you are encouraged to bring with you) 

You will also have plenty of free time to explore the town, shops and sights, or simply rest in your room and enjoy a good nap! 



Our workshop and group healing will be held on site in the yurt.


Choose Your Room

There is the option to share or have a private room.

All bathrooms are shared. There is a downstairs bathroom and upstairs shower room. Also a shower room located in an outhouse opposite the yurt if needed.

This retreat is all Inclusive of accommodation, meals & excursions as above. 

Payment Plans Available

The Peony Room

Single Person Occupancy

This room has a single and a double bed but will only be allocated as a whole to ONE guest,

unless specifically requested as a shared room with someone you know at a supplementary rate of £600.

This room has stunning views to the rear of the property, including the Somerset levels and Glastonbury Tor, including beautiful views of the sunrise and the moon above the Tor.

Situated upstairs.


Pay In Full

| 3 Month Plan - £257.70pm |

| 6 Month Plan - £137.85pm |

The Iris Room

Single Person Occupancy

This ample sized room has a double bed.

Situated upstairs. This room is at the front of the property.


Pay In Full

| 3 Month Plan - £265.70pm |

| 6 Month Plan - £132.80pm |

The Violet Room

Single Person Occupancy

This room has a single bed. Note - this room is VERY small, but comfortable.

This room has stunning views to the rear of the property, including the Somerset levels and Glastonbury Tor, including beautiful views of the sunrise and the moon above the Tor..

Situated upstairs.


Pay In Full

| 3 Month Plan - £252.40pm |

| 6 Month Plan - £126.20pm |

The Gardenia Room

Shared Room - 2 Person Occupancy

This room has two single beds. With lots of space. A light airy room with an open fireplace.

This room has stunning views to the rear of the property, including the Somerset levels and Glastonbury Tor, including beautiful views of the sunrise and the moon above the Tor..

Situated downstairs, although the property is elevated to the rear, so still offers fantastic views.

(This is the energy exchange per person)


Pay In Full

| 3 Month Plan - £259pm |

| 6 Month Plan - £129.50pm |

The Jasmin Room

Shared Room - 4 Person Occupancy

This room has 4 single beds. A Cosy room, right next to the bathroom.

This room is at the front of the property. Situated downstairs.

Unless this room is booked specifically by a group of friends, you will be sharing with other guests.

This had a lovely review from previous ladies, who really bonded over their morning tea chats.

(This is the energy exchange per person)


Pay In Full

| 3 Month Plan - £249pm |

| 6 Month Plan - £124.50pm |

The Meditation Room

This is not for use as a bedroom during our stay, however all guests will have access, it can be used as a group space to gather and relax, also for quiet contemplation, personal yoga/meditation practice, with beautiful views of the somerset levels, perfect to enjoy the sunrise, and the moon above the Tor.

Terms & Conditions Policy Anyone signing up to attend a retreat will be liable to pay the total amount by the individual date stated for each event, there will be no extensions to the payment deadline and full payment will be due. If you are signing up to a split payment option, your payments will automatically be taken on the same date each month for the duration of your plan, again full payment must be received by the above payment deadline.  Retreat Refund Policy: If for any reason you are unable to attend the retreat after paying any monies, and are able to give appropriate notice, a refund will only be offered if someone else can take and pay for your space with at least 6 weeks' notice before the date of the retreat (4 weeks in the case of "day retreats"). If the space cannot be filled, unfortunately you will forfeit any monies paid. If you do not attend the retreat with less than 6 weeks notice, for any reason, regardless of any monies paid, you will not be liable for a refund, in part or in full. If you are a "no show" you will not be liable for a refund and may be refused to book future events and services. If you have chosen to attend with a payment plan option, not adhering to the above terms will mean you are still liable to continue any future payments. Not attending the retreat, once booked, does not entitle you to any offers of "goodwill". If you feel that there may be any reason in future you may not be able to attend once booking, I would strongly advise to take out insurance to cover any potential losses. While our activities and excursions are mentioned, depending on access and other variables, this may change slightly, but you will be informed of any changes, this will not jeopardise the experience as a whole.  While on the retreat, you will be solely responsible for your own belongings, I cannot accept any liability for any damage or losses. Any damages or losses incurred by Anuveya as a result of your actions or behaviour will hold you liable. It is worth noting that while Anuveya has Public Liability insurance, it is still your responsibility to act accordingly while attending retreats. Any untoward behaviour, towards Anuveya founder Laura Anne Renwick, towards another guest, or towards a member of the public may result in you being asked to leave the event without prior warning, and without any form of reimbursement. If for any reason you leave during the retreat, unfortunately you will not be liable to receive any reimbursement, in full or in part. Retreats are referred to as all inclusive, however this does NOT include transport to and from your home location. Appropriate transport to and from the location is the sole responsibility of the person booking. Please ensure appropriate transport is arranged in advance of the retreat date. Nor does this include any additional accommodation, meals, refreshments, or travel, other than that stipulated in information in regards to the retreat.  In joining a retreat experience, you are automatically consenting to photographs of our retreat (no sensitive photographs) being taken and shared on social media, unless you have explicitly expressed that you are not happy for this to happen.  Please be aware that retreat experiences involve both spiritual and emotional work and may evoke deep emotions, memories or triggering thoughts. Please only attend a retreat if you feel that you are emotionally and mentally stable enough, to both travel to and from the location, and to partake in the experience as a whole. If you have a diagnosis of any mental health issues or conditions, I would strongly recommend that you visit a doctor to get clearance to attend a retreat as I am not medically qualified to assist or treat any mental health issues or conditions. This is your responsibility, I, Laura Renwick of Anuveya, cannot be accountable for any medically related or impacted discretion or decisions. Please ensure that you make me aware of any allergies, dietary requirements, relevant (mental or physical) health conditions or any other information that will need to be taken into consideration to ensure your safety and comfort. Privacy Policy - All information will be held in compliance with GDPR policies. Your information will not be shared with any third parties, unless it is required for a legal matter, or concern for danger to yourself or another member of the public. Basic customer information such as name, email and phone number may be stored for contact and bookkeeping purposes. Any sensitive payment information will not be held on record and will be destroyed after initial use if personally given. It is understood that all customer details and any information or topics discussed are strictly confidential and that our clients are given the utmost discretion at all times. Your payment information will not be processed by Anuveya, and so Anuveya will not have access to any sensitive payment information. Stripe or PayPal will handle and process payments in accordance with their own policies.

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