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You chose the 7 of Swords


Change is upon you, however you may be resisting. The current circumstances that surround you could make you feel like you are being moved on before you are ready, however this is probably needed, and very likely overdue. It is now time to step out of your comfort zone and welcome and embrace what is next to come. You may be holding back due to self doubt or a lack of confidence, however I feel like a change has been a long time coming which has perhaps been put off for too long. You have put down solid roots, however do not feel guilt of moving on, if anything you are being encouraged to do so. Spread your wings and fly! It is within our comfort zone that we become creatures of habit and prevent self growth. This is your time! (and you have probably have previous chances too!) Move where the winds take you and open your heart up to all the new possibilities that are around you. Do not be afraid, for what will be, will be. Now is a time to drop any grudges you may be holding and move forward in a state of forgiveness, compassion and self confidence.

In choosing this card I invite you to honour the Heart Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Receive and project unconditional love, trust your gut instincts and don't resist. Now is your time to move into a state of inner peace.

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