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You chose The Devil (Reversed)


In choosing this card, you may find that recently your self esteem has been low, or you are not quite yourself. This card presents that there may be pressure or negativity from others, however remember that their views are not a true representation of you. You may find often you are misunderstood or can be fairly solitary, being very choosy of your social circle.

It is time to embrace who you are rather than shying away from it. You may also feel a strong commitment to your roots or to someone or somewhere in which you are dedicated to. However if being tied there isn't doing you any favours or isn't allowing you to be your true self, then you should cut ties, or atleast loosen them to make way for freedom to express yourself. 

You are likely to find your soul people very soon, if you haven't already. A group of people with similar interests, skills and a deep understanding and empathy. Do not strive to fit in elsewhere in places you know you don't want to be. Your place will come and when you find it, it will be magnificent. In the meantime, embrace who you are, regardless of social pressures or judgements. You are more beautiful, amazing and stronger than you or others may believe!

With this card I invite you to honour your higher Chakra's, the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras - Your way of communicating, exploring and taking in the world around you may be different to how others do, but that's what makes you so amazing! Detach from negativity and those who do not have an understanding of who you are or what you want to be. Your time of self realisation and self acceptance is coming, open and strengthen your intuition to receive your true calling.

Be all that you are and do not be afraid! You are different because you were born to make a difference! Embrace it!

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