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You chose The High Priest (Reversed)


In choosing this card, it demonstrates that you are a very knowledgeable person, either in one specific area, or many. However your taste for knowledge must know its limits. Fine tune your current knowledge and become a master, rather than trying to know as much as you can about many subjects and end up spreading yourself too thin. This card tells that you are a great communicator, or that you have the capability to be. This card offers the opportunity to realise that your strengths may lie in the teaching, mentoring or supporting of others. Your true calling! Sharing your experience and knowledge with others should make your heart sing.

If you are already in a position where you teach or mentor, you may find that things have become a bit much and you have lost your passion, come back to basics, remember why you took up this post and share the joy and knowledge that are meant to rather than worrying or stressing about the mundane or anything that, in the big scheme of things, is irrelevant.

With this card I invite you to honour your Throat chakra, to effectively communicate, to share your knowledge and to live to your highest truth. However in moving forward, allow yourself to set healthy boundaries to ensure you do not end up in a position of regret.   

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