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You chose the King of Swords


At this moment in time you seem defensive or wary - perhaps of yourself and your own decisions, maybe a lack of self confidence, or that you are bound by the thoughts and words of others.

There is an opportunity to be had here, one of self growth, perhaps a learning opportunity, or maybe the chance to work on a particular skill or add to your knowledge. This opportunity is very much available however this card represents thats there may be feelings of self doubt.

This card urges you to believe in yourself and go with your own path, regardless of what others may say. Trust in your instincts and in what you wish to do. You ARE capable and worthy!

This card is also a message to say that if you are feeling slightly detached socially, then that's okay, this is your hibernation time, your time for self growth, to grow your inner self, to become who you need to be. Do not be afraid of breaking off toxic relationships (romantic, friendship or family) if they do not serve you for the highest good. Surround yourself with those who will support you and cheer you on, those who believe in you and wish to see your success!


In choosing this card I invite you to honour the solar Plexus and the Throat chakras. To embrace your personal power, to believe in yourself and to accept who you truly are, but also to effectively communicate and to know when things are not to be said, to trust yourself and set healthy boundaries and to welcome and emanate more truth into your life.

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