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Astro Colour reading

Based on your Sun sign, and colour in the Astro Colour Wheel, in correlation with the current colour/zodiac phase, I will deliver a short audio recording (approx 5-10 minutes) to give you insight on how to best navigate the current or upcoming zodiac phase.

You will also receive a BONUS gift from me of a Astro Colour Grid Guidesheet, giving you further insight on your signs colour grid and connections, as well as how you can bring in more of that colour into your life with the use of foods, flowers and crystals.

Book your colour reading now for JUST £22

regular personal
Astro Colour readings

Rather than just a one off reading, why not receive regular colour readings, which will automatically be sent to you each month.


You will receive the BONUS PDF with your first reading, and then subsequent audio's each month. 

You can either pay one payment in advance, or pay on a rolling monthly basis



per month



3 Months


one payment of


6 Months


one payment of


12 Months


one payment of


or get more in-depth, direct access to me and Book a 90 minute 1-1 
colour guidance session

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