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1-1 Guidance & Self Help Readings


Get the guidance you need, to help you help yourself!

1-1 Guidance & Self Help Readings
More than just a novelty reading, parlour tricks or cheap entertainement.


If what you're after is a quick fix, to have all the answers to your problems, to be told that you'll meet a tall dark handsome man and come into lots of money, or a sceptic looking to be proven wrong, then this is not the place for you!
I am NOT a generic "psychic medium", offering quick trick, novelty readings.
My guidance sessions are delivered with love, empathy, kindness, and often a splash of profanity!
I'm not here to tell you what you want, but what you need! To really help you, to support you in discovering, embracing and embodying who you are meant to be!

As a qualified spiritual life coach, healer, teacher, creative soul guide and intuitive, my readings come with more than just a quick fix. 

These guided self help sessions will use cards, intuition and skill set to support you in finding clarity, but ultimately to be able to help yourself. To see a way forward and to restore confidence in yourself, so you can carve out your own path.

While I am able to tell you what I "see", ultimately YOU hold the key to your future. You are in charge of making the changes and taking the action.

What does a 1-1 session involve?

Each session is held online, via Zoom video call. Many may ask why not face to face, but in fact it's a myth that "better" readings are done face to face. I read energy, not people. Scammers read people - this is known as cold reading. And meeting in person makes it much easier to cold read! No information is required prior to your session. Just book and show up on Zoom at the time and date you've chosen.

Your session will also be recorded and you will receive access to download and revisit at your own perusal.

Not only do I connect in with your current energy, but with your Soul energy, in this current lifetime, and in past lifetimes too!
Currently I cannot offer a past life regression (watch this space though!), however I can tune in to your past lives and support you in discovering why and how some things are in this current lifetime. 

During your session, initially 9 tarot cards will be placed - you will be given guidance from the cards seen, you're also welcome to interact and ask questions. Following the initial card spread, if there is time, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about any topics or situations that are still on your mind.

Please come to your session with an open mind and an open heart.
I am here to help you, not to prove myself to anyone.

How to Book

You have the option to book either a 30 minute or 60 minute session.
60 Minutes - £77 or 30 Minutes - £47

Note: This is NOT a spirit reading. I will not connect with passed loved ones during a session.

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